Knights With No Mercy

A poem I wrote recently that I would love some analysis/ opinions on. Try to guess the meaning, wonder how it could be improved, what parts do you like? Don't like? How do you interpret it?

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Knights of No Mercy

All around, come draw your swords.
For a true just cause,
For a sweet reward.

And these knights donned their armor and drank their sweet wine
And recited, “Come child, you may see what is mine.”
They showed him the valley where the smoke billowed above
From a freshly lit fire for something called love.
He watched as a princess screamed from her stance,
Above the crowd did she perform her luring dance.

One by one did the young strangers come running,
Never had they seen a maiden so stunning.
Her hair blowing due to a meager northern breeze
All they ever wanted to do was to please.
With a smile, her hand was outstretched as though to grip one’s arm
She coiled back quickly claiming undone harm.
“Do not touch me!” the young lady cried.
Who would have thought that some women lie.

And so the gatherers watched from their place in the grass,
Unwilling to question the beautiful lass.
“You hurt her and so you must pay!”
Then all this will be forgotten the very next day.

The knights and the child watched from the hill,
And in went the knights aiming for the kill.
“You have done this woman harm for which you will die!”
And so the strangers ran, run did they try.

Once struck down by a blade of unforgiving steel
Only then did these knight climb down from their steeds and kneel.
“Young lady you are guarded, your enemy is gone, the new enemy waits,
Ready at dawn.”

The young woman lied, so the child had known,
Why did they respond in such a violent tone?
The strangers were innocent, tired and true
Only wishing to greet the lady as new.

So the jester appeared, hat in hand,
Next to the child did he stand.
And so the child asked, “Why did they hurt those men as they did?”
In front of the child, the jester slid.

“The knights believed the story to be true,
So off they rode, their horses dressed in blue.
Tomorrow they go to join in the fight,
Dressed in black and dark as the night.
The enemy knows that in they will come riding
And they know that with violence there will be no hiding.
Although terrified, they wish to defend their cause
And against these knights they will not pause.
They will stand with their men, arms locked in place
Waiting to see the dark leader’s face.”

The young child paused and began to think,
He never imagined they’d be at the brink.
The enemy in question seems harmless in name
So why would they try to make these men lame?
And so the child asked, “Why after them do they go?”
“It is simply because they do not know.
The purpose of the enemy is misunderstood
So they want to fight them with whatever they could.”

“Why don’t they talk?” The child continued,
“Then an agreement may formally be issued.
If they don’t understand then why does the enemy not explain?
It may clear all this with a much better name.”

“The dark knights won’t listen for their purpose is so clear,
If they were to understand then the fight would no longer be near.
They fight an enemy whom aren’t what they think,
So they will meet a violent end within only a blink.
And so the world will pick sides as they always do
Even if whom they choose has everything but virtue.
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