Sherie P. Ghim (harry potter)

Sherie P. Ghim (harry potter)

What if Harry had twin by the name of Sherie, whom had lived halfway across the world with a muggle family in Korea until she gets a letter from a relative in England that wants her to move in with her. Everything goes well until a mysterious letter is delivered by an owl. In her times at Hogwarts she will be thrust into a whole new world.

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Chapter 1.
Chapter One: Family fun and games

Chapter One: Family fun and games

stand in front of the impressive oak door, massiveness looming over me. I just stand there staring. Just knock on it, no need to be such a ninny. I muster up all more courage and slam the knocker against the surface three times. As Aunt Margie opens the door I pick up my luggage and boxes.
        I never thought I would move back to England, I had lived in Korea and America my entire life, well almost. I remember that we lived here until I was like five then returned for maybe two years giving me my accent back, but besides that I remember nothing from this place.  This place is alien to me. One thing I do know now is that I am staying here with my aunt for who knows how long while my parents travel the world. Yay (sarcasm).
        I drag my belongings as I follow Auntie up a flight of stairs to a beautiful room with sky blue walls. She leaves me to unpack my things and I immediately turn on the radio, playing some music. I wish they would play an 80's hit, I hate rap. As though it read my mind it played an 80's hit. Though odd at first, stuff like that happens to me all the time. Small, little things. I put things in my closet and dresser and walk downstairs, food calling to me. I chuckle at my last thought and grab something small to eat. Gosh do I miss twinkies! I can't find any here. It's driving me mad. I get a snack bar and chew on it as I go walk around.
        I go for a long walk outside and down the lone empty street. I adjust my black shirt and white jeans shorts that reach mid-thigh. I pull the hairband of my wrist and pull my hair into a ponytail to get it out of my face. The warm summer sun warms my arms and body, giving me a tingly sensation. It's almost the end of summer sadly which means school. I groan. At least I will be homeschooled this year. That relieves me a bit, I won't have to go into a school with everybody staring at me. I see little tikes running around or riding bikes and such as I pass, they're cute high pitched accents reaching my ears. I smile as I start to walk back towards the house. When I make it back I start to walk back upstairs to my room only to see my door partially opened, not how I left. Oh, whatever.
        I open my door when I feel something slam against my head and see that I'm covered in water. Water? I hear chuckling and turn around fuming. I don't like being messed with and I have a short fuse. Do the math. I chase a boy and girl a year or two younger then me down the flight of stairs. I run into the kitchen as they run for refuge into the backyard. Yeah, bad choice. I get two whipped cream canisters and follow them out. The girl I find hiding behind a shed. I tip toe then just as she's about to run spray. She screams bloody murder as I follow the boy that's about my age back into the house. By now I'm fuming, you could probably see steam coming out of my ears. When I find the boy he is just grinning and laughing. That is what sets me off, I try my best not to snap, then I hear a small rumbling and one by one the lights shatter all around us. The boy yells but doesn't move an inch, he looks puzzled as though he has seen it before. Weird.
        Auntie runs in staring in amazement.
        "Both of you... um..... go to the basement while I clean this up, it will only be but a moment." She says, I stare at her. Why didn't she punish us? I follow the boy down a flight of stairs to the basement. It has a leather couch and a telly on the wall.
        "What's your name? I'm William or Will. I usually go by Will." He says holding out his hand.
        "I'm Sherie." I reply, "Why didn't your mother punish us,"
        "Don't know, she almost always punished me or at least tried to cool me down"
        "Wait!" I shout, "This has happened before!?!" I ask amazed.
        "Yes, it happened once when Anna went into my room and destroyed my things. I was so mad everything glass in my room just shattered. I still have no idea why it happens though." He says, looking a bit vulnerable or at least upset.
        "Well, at least we have something in common," I say, "Exploding things," He chuckles as Auntie calls us upstairs. I have a good feeling that we will get along quite well.
        She takes his ear and grabs the blue eyed, blonde haired Anna while she's at it and starts a lecture in the hall. I walk around the large mansion and stroll across a library. A LIBRARY. I mentally do a happy dance as I walk in and run my fingers along the book spines. I pick up a small book titled Dracula by Bram Stoker and read for a while until the Auntie calls me for dinner. When I get  to the table I see that Will's ear is a light pink and he's sniffling a bit from the pain. It looks like it hurt. Poor Will, I will make a note to myself not to make that woman mad.
        We eat a roasted chicken with gravy and a couple other sides. I wasn't really hungry so I merely nibbled on the meal. Will was trying not to provoke Auntie whom was glaring at her plate as she ate, angry they pulled a prank on me. Will's crystal blue eyes, the same color as mine, meet my eyes for a moment giving me a questioning glance. Probably about why I'm not eating that much. I just shake my head and continue to stare out into space. My norm.
        After dinner I play some more music and lay down. I think of the unusual events and all the weird stuff going on with me after eleventh birthday came and went. I want to know what all of this means but I know that nobody can answer my questions because nobody knows the answer. Finally I drift off to sleep.
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