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Introduction to hetalia (for the challengers challenge)
I am making this for the challengers challenge and it was to make a description of your main fandom and why it's a good idea to join so! Here I introduce to you.. Hetalia
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Song parodies (with my friends)
This is exactly what the title says! XD please rate and tell all yo freeends to read dis!
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Sadtalia [Warning sad!]
This is a hetalia story I made :p basically the storyline is..well there's many stories to this each story is in a different chapter I will try my best to make them as long as possible.
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Best frixnds for eternity
"Savannah? Are you there? Pick up the phone...please your scaring me mom and dad are out on their anniversary! And your messages aren't normal! Somethings wrong with you!...Savannah?" "..." "Savannah?" "Ding dong open up the do...
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The purple girl
Doll cried into her hands when she saw positive and she never wanted to let Mike know.
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England x Australia (Oc x character,11 and up plz!)
11 and up please! This contains very few mild mature scenes if your younger then 11 or 12 read at your own risk! XD this is about my friends oc Australia and her crush on England will they make it out together? Or split?
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warrior cats my least favorite thing (no hate please)
Hey guys! I know I've been taking a break on warrior cats forestclan for a while and I'm sorry but ever since i have been planning to.create a new oc and been getting more into homestuck and thinking about future chapters for a...
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Alaska [Hetalia story]
This is the story of Alaska,a girl who was not very known in the hetalia world.
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Fnaf its been so long (replaced with friends)
I decided to listen to its been so long on YouTube and thought to myself "I should make my own of this!" So yeah! Here it is! ^_^
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Young Aquashine only memory of her birth clan is leaving and she seeks her history and what lies ahead in the future and find out about a prophesied cat before her named Silverflight for she is the only adult cat left from the ...
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Jasmine the fox
This is the story of Jasmine the fox a 19 year old fox who faces her new life on Möbius
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