warrior cats my least favorite thing (no hate please)

warrior cats my least favorite thing (no hate please)

Hey guys! I know I've been taking a break on warrior cats forestclan for a while and I'm sorry but ever since i have been planning to.create a new oc and been getting more into homestuck and thinking about future chapters for alaska the hetalia story I've just been. Busy as HECK! But to cram all of my late due dated things to make up for it all here you go.

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Yeah couples guys we have our HATED with a passion couples and OTP couples! But here .going to explain the ones I hate with.a passion!
1.Crowfeather x leafpool: yep them basically...how do I describe this..? They were kind of...confusing together like it all starts out with leafpool doing her usual dutys right? And them there's this thing that goes on in windclan and apparently o it of all the medicine cats that had to go it just had to be leafpool who normally is kind of busy so yeah she's sent over there and is with crowfeather so right now crowfeather is just like "don't touch me b!tch." And leafpool is just like "ok whatever man if you wanted to.do that then your wish is my command o glorious crowfeather" and then later on.in the book crowfeather just randomly starts having a mad deep love crush seizure over her just out of nowhere and I'm.just like "ok...where in God's name.did THAT. Come from?" And leafpool plays along and acts like he's felt this way since the day he met her and it's just so confusing and pushing my ultimate brain. Fart buttons and so they just start meeting in secret it was bad enough.when.every single apprentice had a crush on one of the youngest young adult warriors like when crowpaw was a jerk to.everyone except for feathertail who technically was in the same situation with him as. Leafpool one day th are just strangers then 2 seconds later "OH MY.GOD KISS ME BEFORE I.DIE!!!" And I'm just confused so before I trail off to another crowfeather ship I'm just gonna move on.to number 2.
No.2 Brambleclaw x Squrrielflight: now this couple I don't ha e that big.of a problem with the only thing I don't like about them is their love hate relationship became since firestar is always neglecting his children until.they just disappear brambleclaw stands as the father in a way of her because when do you not see a dad say no to their child at just about every thing they do? Brambleclaw is the same way he orders her around like he is her dad and they always are going in their heads."he's so sweet I love him" or something but on the outside their like "I HOPE YOU ROT.IN THE DARK FOREST!!" Which I don't like because we all know that love hate relationships hardly EVER work out so yeah this is why this couple is so low on my hate list of.Couples. so before someone flames my comment.section with like "OMG NO HE DUSNT NEGLECT  HUS KIDZ!" So just..don't be like that ok?
No.3 Tigerstar x Sasha:
Before you say "why this? Sashes is usually so.affectionate and caring towards tigerstar" hold your horses and let me explain now we are getting out of the manners towards each other zone and how slowly you take into crushing on them to roles and laws can someone tel me what sasha is? Most of.you probably said loner and what role is a loner to tigerstar for those who know tigerstar? He HATES them just as much as he hates kitty pets so why.in God's name would he get with loner? It makes no sense..if the plot I don't see is that he's only acting like he loves her.so.he can.bring his.offspring to.do.his future evil bidding then that is.a pretty good plot and it sounds like something he would do but I think that might not be since it's never really been explained  so basically the reason I hate this couple is because sashes would normally be the last cat in the forest tigerstar would EVER fall for
No. 4 cinderpelt x firestar: basically these two...we aren't really in Canon anymore we are now moving into fanbase territory yep it may not make sense that we are going out of.Canon now but a lot of people think firestar and cinderpelt are a good couple do I think. So..? If you guys know me and know none.in.realization. this couple is on this list you know I don't like it..basically you have so far seen that I also don't like apprentice x warrior or medicine cat ships because ages...and cinderpaw yes I'm now saying cinderpaw because we are going to a blast in the really really far.past when firestar was just a brand new fireheart cinderpaw was a apprentice but still always acted like a kit and some did see cinderpaw as the one to have a.crush on fireheart  but it never ever really shown it had its moments but I saw them more as brother and sister besides even  if they would have something for each other in Canon it would never work out because we all know cinderpelt was meant to be a warrior but was a medicine cat in the end so it concludes to since she's a medicine cat their love would be forbidden due to the warrior code so let's move on
No.5 *long sigh* milly and graystripe....Come on guys you HAD to have seen this coming by now because really...milly is a replacement they always shown silverstream as a important obe of a kind special loved by all cat just plain queen bee so.she was irreplaceable..right? WRONG! A few books.later milly came into the world of the book or manga depending on which you read because..just think about it and you might just see my point without even having to.explain...she is a freakin replica! She's silver with the same stripe pattern same stripe color and same gorgeous blue eyes and just about the same personality...Come on guys..we all know this...she's simply silverstream with a different name Graystripe deserves better..like really...I would rather ship a queen Mary sue with graystripe instead of milly any day.  Plus she's a bad mom we all have to admit.

So now out guys know my least favorite warrior cat ships oh wait! I.forgot number 6 and if you.know me you KNOW.so so well what the last and most horrible is to me *drum roll..* ASHFUR AND SQURRIELFLIGHT! I mean annoying and bossy together was bad enough dramatic/sensitive and annoying? That's just the worst..I don't even want to explain..just...go to my ashfur poll and look in the comment section and it will explain itself like a book..
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My least favorite ship is Firestar x Spottedleaf.
on August 05, 2016