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Crayons Are Better Than Pencils
Megan's little brother Walter predicts what will happen to the town. Everyone's fate rests on that two-year-old's story.
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The Sun Will Set In The Valley Of Your Heart
Travel back in time to the 1950's and read a story about a boy that will remind you of Cinderella. Greg, the buy, sets off on a quest to save his missing father.
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The Terrible Advice Giver
Everyone comes to Alex for advice! That's what Alex is known for at her school. Her twin sister, Lark, gets jealous and wants to give great advice as well, but her advice... STINKS.
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Get ready for the funniest/most random story you're ever going to read!
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Cool story ideas that are fun to use!
Have writers' block and need a new story idea? Check out this! I have many cool ideas but please please please give me credit on the ideas if you decide to use them. Thanks!
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The Bully (2)
Credit to Roger Dean Kiser, author of this. ggggdfvbxfjfghdfgvb vxbkdfn
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This is a fractured fairy tale about Cinderella: through a stepsister's point of view.
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Summaries for great books
Want to find a book to read? Not so sure what to read next? Check out these detailed summaries.
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The Dreamer
What if your dream gets out of control? Poor Becca can't face reality.
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How To Tell If A Boy Likes You
Read this carefully and watch for signs to see if your crush (or a guy you think likes you) likes you.
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An Awesome Feeling
This is just a feeling I get which I love, and I know some of you relate to this. Hope this makes you feel good!
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Music Lovers!!!
Do you love music? Well, this story is for you! I am posting a bunch of links to awesome songs! If you add links in the comments, I'll check them out. If the songs are appropriate, I'll add the links on to here and tell you! Al...
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The BFF Book
So, my BFF and I are writing this story together on Google Drive. The girl who I write for is Sylvie, and my BFF writes for Allie. In this you can really see our voices in writing.
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Here is a story I am writing in my notebook. It's not done, but I might add to it as I go along. Please read, people told me that this is a good quaili
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Tell me: What are some popular fads? Answer in the comments and I'll add it in the story! (Try to do some that aren't in this story)
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Would you rather...
This is just a fun story filled with would you rather questions! Answer them in the comments?
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This could be either a friend story or a romance story, depending on the way you look at it.
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How to be popular on Qfeast
So, yeah, the title says it all! ;) So... Please read and follow me!! :D
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Harry Potter Chat Room!
When the Harry Potter characters enter a chat room, it's not pretty. Read this fun story!
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Into the Woods...
Sandstormmultimatefan1 this story is for you. Everyone else, here's a brief summary.
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