The Terrible Advice Giver

The Terrible Advice Giver

Everyone comes to Alex for advice! That's what Alex is known for at her school. Her twin sister, Lark, gets jealous and wants to give great advice as well, but her advice... STINKS.

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Chapter 1.

Friday morning

The first day at a new school is always the worst. That's why Lark was feeling extra grumpy that Friday morning. "It's not fair," she grumbled. "Alex always makes friends because she's so NICE all the time."
Alex grinned. "You know me so well."
"Duh. We're twins. Alex, I just know you're going to make, like, ten friends today and I'll be a loner."
"You will not! I'll make sure of it! We're twins! We'll stick together!"
"Oh really? Are you sure you'll stick to your promise? Because last year you weren't like that... At all."
"Lark, please! We're starting at a new school. That means we get a brand new start. We all deserve one."
"Like that's going to happen. I've known you my whole life and you want a FRESH START!?"
"Let's stop fighting! We're here!"
The whole time they were fighting, they hadn't realized that they had arrived at school. They looked around, only to find crowds of kids, all staring at them. No one was speaking. Lark ruined the awkward silence by muttering, "It's like they've never seen new kids before." Alex laughed nervously and called out, "hi everyone! I'm Alex! And... This is my sister Lark!" Two girls with pink hair and lots of makeup sashayed over. "Hi, Alex. Come with us." And they took her away.
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