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All about YOU!
Please post your answers to the following questions so us Qfeasters can learn more about you. QUESTIONS 1. Would you rather eat cake or pie? 2. Do you care about grades? 3. Who's your best friend? What's he/she like? 4. What do...
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The Music Club
Join and post links to your favorite tunes! Just keep in mind that they should be appropriate.
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Join this Page Now!!!
I am trying to get the whole Qfeast to join this page! Please do!!! I will do something for you if you do!
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Who here uses "lol" a lot? I do! If you love to laugh, join this page! Once you're a member, post funny (and appropriate) jokes and wait for the lols!
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Pottermore Players
Join this if you play Pottermore! Share your username and read other's, and add them as friends! Also tell them how to get through tough parts!
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Book Club (1)
1. Become a member 2. Write a long story on a post. Do a novel if you want to make me smile! (Novels work better for book clubs.) 3. Post questions about YOUR story only. Others will fill it out in the comments. 4. Read the ...
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Grr! ! ! !
Ever had something that really bugs you? Here's a page to let it all out! If you disagree, speak up and say why you think so. No fighting, please!
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Let's write a story!
I know there's another page like this out there, but this one is for EVERYONE to do! No one is left out. The ideas will go in the member's chat (so become a member if you want to write) and the stories will go on the headlines....
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Truth or Dare
This is a really fun truth or dare page! Here are the steps. 1. Become a member. Only members are allowed to play. Don't worry, I will accept you. 2. Post a new post: Truth or dare? 3. Then find one that says Truth or dare a...
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Appropriate Websites to visit
What are some cool websites to visit? Post the link on this page and give a summary of what it is! Make sure it's appropriate.
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The Dream Page
What do you dream about? This is a cool page talking about dreams you had. Have fun in this inspiring page!
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Advice Page
Do you feel down? Well, you've come to the right place! :D Get your good advice here today. (Please note, I am good at responding.)
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Reader's Page
Do you like to read? Then on this page you will find some story suggestions for people on Qfeast! So, Yeah! :P
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Let's Chat!
The name says it all... This is a typical chatting page. Become a member for member's chat!
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