The BFF Book

The BFF Book

So, my BFF and I are writing this story together on Google Drive. The girl who I write for is Sylvie, and my BFF writes for Allie. In this you can really see our voices in writing.

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Chapter 1.

Chapter One: Sylvie

I can not believe that I was excited for the first day of school. Since I had been homeschooled my whole life, I was totally ready from a change. Well, all my happy feelings left when I met (Allie). She seemed perfect. Her clothes were “in”, making my jeans and sweater “out”. She also had millions of friends crowded around her, which didn’t make me, friendless, look any better. Jealousy boiled inside of me as I walked over to her. Smiling warmly at me, she said, “Hi. I’m Allie.” I stuck out my hand, but only because the teacher was watching. “I’m Sylvie. Oh, and your outfit is soooooo cute.” I guess she could tell I was being sarcastic, because what Allie said next was supposed to be mean.
“Oh yeah? Well… Well…”
“Little miss niecy pants can’t think of anything to say,” I smirked.
“Well, you’re only saying that because you don’t know what’s going through my head right now.”
“Then tell me!” I challenged.
Allie glanced nervously at the teacher. “No.”
Angrily I marched away. This means war!
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Comments (3)

Lol, Harry and Draco. Good story!
on August 15, 2014
I love it! It's GREAT!!!!
on November 30, 2013
Yay thanks!
on November 23, 2013