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The 100 (Qfeast Edition)
So I posted a question asking if people were okay with being added to the story. So yeah fun X3
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((Credits for the First Sergeant and the wonderfully angsty Ink Disease go to Tori (@WaitForIt) , and her wonderful story “Lungs of Ink”. If you enjoy this, please go read her story. It’s beautifully written and beautifully ang...
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Weird but True
All sorts of facts and tidbits I bet you didn't know! WARNING: May be slightly disgusting.
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Hanahaki Disease: A Writers Guide
This is a guide about everything you’ve ever wanted to know about the Hanahaki Disease [My interpretation of it]
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Libitina Project
The project file information from the Libitina Project. You're welcome.
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Lungs of Ink
Two siblings, one named Samantha, the other being Johnathan. Both are fighting for something, a cure to Samantha's illness. William Bedford is a writer, a quite famous one. It all fell when he lost his wife and daughter to ...
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Once, long ago, three factions ruled over the nation of Alma. The Kendred, Shedan, And Morphis, each with its own god. Under the fires of an ancient war, the Morphis died off, and their god disappeared. One thousand years later...
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the entire bee movie script
i love barry b benson he is the best character ever he is not op or a mary sue and he has nice eyebrows
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Create a warrior cat character!
Use the directions below, and come up with your warrior name and all about you! (well, not all...)
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undertale in a shellnut
this is basically how undertale would go if frisk could talk aka if they said what i said
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teenager posts!
hi guys and girls! this isn't really a story so to say but this has some teenager posts in it. I hope you enjoy! see ya :)
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