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Homestuck shippers, UNITE!
Ship something? Karezi? Nepkat? Solferi? ANYTHING is allowed here! exept for sibling rivalry get that shit outta here
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Game Night on Qfeast!
Welcome to Game Night on Qfeast! Each day, I will be asking one question and you need to get it right. If you do, you get points. If not, you always have next round. The goal is to win the most points. These questions will be R...
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Sydney's Church of fabulousity (read description please)
Haha u looked at this for nothing lolol haha I'm so evil haha haha yeah srry.
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The 100+ Followers Page!
Do you have over 100 followers? Here is the place for everyone who does to hang out :D Become a member if you have 100+!
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selfie contest
When i have 5 members il start the contest of selfies, ill post a type of selfie, when evreyone posted there selfie,ill make a poll to see the winner, so enjoy!
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Dark Circus RP
This is a rp like any other, it has a story line and characters but this one has a mystery behind it. The Dark Moon circus is a major attraction for people of all ages but most do not know what hides behind the make up and cost...
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Danganronpa rolplay
The plot is about 15 students being trapped in a highschool,and have to live there for all eternity until they graduate,to do that,you have to kill a classmate,and when evreybody finds the body,the rest of the group have to fin...
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Funny LOLz
These are just some funny things, pictures and such. Join if you want, post pictures and jokes and have fun. :)
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Secret Santa
I know some of you probably know the game but I'll explain the rules still- To participate, please send me membership request. Anyways, I'll assign you a person to give a gift to in PM, and YOU have to figure out what are you g...
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And the Award Goes To...
Come join if you are in a for a challenge. This is one of those many competition pages. It will be anything and everything. The winners will be announced each week, and a new topic will too. If you have any questions, just ask ...
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Quote Competitions
Probably around once a week I'll post a prompt for a quote competition! If you made the quote, please remember to tell me, if you didn't just tell me who it was said by (If you don't know put unknown) Some competitons while req...
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St Trinians school for girls RP
We are st T. Join us who make havoc and rule the roost. Geeks emos posh toty and all the rest. ST TRINIANS
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Black veil Brides fan club for teens
you need to be a fan of Black veil Brides 11-17 to be in hear Big fan
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This is a page for people on here like Mary_Chan and KittyCupcakes who do not believe in god or religion, and instead believe in science. Please join if you hare out beliefs and non-beliefs.
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Let's Debate
Pretty explanatory. You can debate anything to fandoms, relationships, politics, social lives, etc. Basic rules: these are debates not arguments (nothing anyone says is personal just their beliefs), all opinions and beliefs mus...
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Fan Fiction Boot Camp
Welcome (or not) to fan fiction boot camp! Qfeast is not known for it's fan fics, and we must help with that! I will post prompts, and you must write a fan fiction according to the prompt. If the prompt is not for a fandom you ...
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So....I Need Help..
This is a page to where only certain people of whom I think is fit to answer questions can become members. Ask about anything, such as relationships, love, friends, abuse, bullies, and we will try to give you the best advice th...
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incredible drawers
this is a club for people who love to draw. and we posts pis of our drawings and can just talk about whatever we want
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Drawing Contests For All Of QFeast!
If your a good drawer, then compete here! Only the best will win, so make sure your drawing is guaranteed to win!
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The Fanvergent
For all those Qfeasters who have multiple fandoms such as TFIOS, Hunger games, Divergent, Sonic and more. This is a place where you can talk about your fandoms with other fanvergent members. To get membership you must type a ph...
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