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Do you think women should have to be enrolled in the draft?
After women were given the ability to hold ranks that men have in war in the US, people believe that women should suffer the conquences as well. What is your opinion?
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What are your views on Islam and Muslims in America?
Just wondering. Sorry no image, I'm on mobile.
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Is America a "Christian nation"?
What I mean by this is, if you are not Christian you are AMerican, and how if you are Muslim (just as an example) and live in AMerica, you are not agreeing with traditional American values (because suddenly America has a religi...
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Opinions on people who are other/fictionkin?
Just curious.
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Is choosing a group of women over a group of both men and women because they are women be considered sexism?
Boring question i was talking about this my sister :p
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What are some stupid things against LGBT+ people you have heard?
Yea this is a similar question to another but I need this information for something And also don't just stick with L + G. I wanna hear some bs people say about trans and genderqueer people along with people who are bi, ace, ar...
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Should trans* women be allowed to use woman-only gyms?
Do you think females should be forced to go into the restrooms to breast feed babies in restaurants?
Some restaurants force women to go into the restroom to breast feed their babies. Do you agree with this or not? My opinion is no, they should not be forced. They are doing it to FEED A CHILD, not to show off their body for s...
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Do you believe asexuality/aromanticism is a real thing?
Before I say anything else, I know what being asexual and being aromantic are not the same thing. I just want to know your opinion and why.
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Do you believe in gender roles?
Please explain why you do or do not. I personally do not.
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