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My Princess [OC (basically me) x Anakin]
This is basically what the title says uwu. I wrote this after I lost ideas for the other Star Wars x Oc book I wrote. I might update what left I have of that one but it's pretty much mary sue fanfic nonsense at this point so I ...
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Ask Anakin Skywalker!
I wanted to put this up cuz all the ones I found elsewere are ded =3= so I'm reviving this- and I'll make sure IT NEVER DIES OWO
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ask/dare me and estella
i already made one like this on another acc so im doing it here. comment and ask or dare me and estella things
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Adventures of horsey nd squirrel
basically weird stories about my 2 fave friends nd apparently they r both animals??Yeah. We ship 5hem 2 idiots. #horsey x squirrel
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Love Me!!
A story by my best friend West and I have written. It's a yandere x character story. Starring His oc East and my own OC Samantha. I do not suggest reading if you're young. The two have been friends for years and they both have...
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Awesome Yandere Songs
THESE ARE EPIC! I'm sure you'll love it! Most of these are made by yandere dev and the voice actor for yan-chan. None of these songs belong to me, I promise. I will put the name, link, and lyrics for each song on every page. EN...
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Ask or Dare (Creepypasta) (2)
Hi and ummm well so i saw Ask Dave Miler and Ask William so i decide to make ask or dare creepypasta so ENJOIY!
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Ask or Dare (Creepypasta) (1)
Hi and ummm well so i saw Ask Dave Miler and Ask William so i decide to make ask or dare creepypasta so ENJOIY!
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ask vincent
this is for my friend glitcheskillingtime but anybody can ask vincent too if they want so have fun
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Ask William (1)
Yeah, you ask, I'll answer... almost anything... I mean I guess you could dare me if you REALLY wanted to...
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Ask Dave Miller (And the others in DSAF)
This is the Dave Show guys, ask him whatever ya want. He's so odd lol. Oh yeah You can ask Old Sport Aka Jack Kennedy, Dee, or anyone from DSAF
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STAR WARS - Episode I: Dream of the Stars
I'll be making this one story at a time. This is set around the Rise of Skywalker movie. Also this is my very first star wars fanfic ever so please bare with me. (this is a Poe x Oc x Kylo Ren fanfic) !SLIGHT SWEARING WARNING! ...
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Poetry (4)
Poems I have written / created. That is all there is to this story. :)
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My Butterfly... a gay love story
Hi my name is Leo a 17 year old boy, I have brown messy hair,blue eyes,and glasses and im around 5'8. I am a normal teen who likes sports and video games but something about me is different im gay. Im defiantly not saying that ...
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Creepypasta Stories
I OWN NONE OF THE STORIES!! Also, some are of gore and MUCH violence. Read at your own risk. :P Some are also NSFW. :/ I have decided to look up origional stories and such and then post them on here!! I'll be looking up popul...
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All of my Sh!ps!
Here is a list of all my ships, Their current sailing status, And why I ship them. YASS I ship people. Get over it UwU Please put ships in the comments if I missed any! I like adding new ships to my mental list UwU
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Dark poems
Dark poems not for younger kids violent and graphic in some and do not read if easily scared
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Creepypasta Zodiac
I just made this for fun. I've seen a lot on Watt-pad and I always half got what I agreed with =3= So I hope (even tho my opinion is filtered in it) you get what you like too. Remember, this is just for fun and not to be taken ...
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Song lyrics (3)
just song lyrics for different emotions i feel at any time of the day or overall
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