rating every danganronpa character from the perspective of someone who hates danganronpa

rating every danganronpa character from the perspective of someone who hates danganronpa

so this is my story and now its time for the muppet show with our special

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kyoko kirigiri: shes kinda just like oooh mysterious trope and the dark love interest
byakuya togami: hes just snob stuck up bad person
junko enoshima: who unironically likes this bitch omfg. actually who unironically likes any character
makoto naegi: the blandest of the bland
leon kuwata: had literally no character
kiyotaka ishimaru: he was actually written well but he looks like bomb from angry birds
chihiro fujisaki: theyre okay but i just think of twitter arguments abt them being trans or not (they are not trans)
aoi asahina: i just think abt that one post (damien knows the one)
yasuhiro hagakure: danganronpa would be the exact same if this guy didnt exist
sayaka maizono: just cute scared ahh love interest nothing else
hifumi yamada: i like him just cause he reminds me of chris chan
mondo owada: also written well but his got damn hair
******** *********: fuccking gummy no teeth ass ruined this character for me and made me waste 150 dollars on a cosplay thanks no teeth
toko fukawa: i like when her tongue long
sakura ogami: pretty okay

akane owari: shes probably the best out of the hot girl chacters
fat togami: what was the point
chiaki nanami: gamer girl but kinda generic
fuyuhiko kuzuryu: well written at first but after the one person died they became. really fuccking annoying.
gundham tanaka: this man is just dark emo edgy with soft side uwu
hajime hinata: the best of the protags but not great still
hiyoko saionji: This bitch is. so annoying.
ibuki mioda: everyone thinks shes like a scene queen or whatever but shes just a dumbass. ruined cause of ppl like UwU my scene baby
kazuichi soda: hes just a simp incel. comparable to abe from clone high.
mahiru koizumi: shes okay but if she wasnt so nice to that banana ass bitch hiyoko shed be like one of the only characters i like
mikan tsumiki: this bitch just acts like kiara fuccks 21
nekomaru nidai: so forgettable
peko pekoyama: the only character i like besides kirumi
sonia nevermind: shes so boring omfg
teruteru hanamura: hes just a pervert
nagito komaeda: hes so annoying Oooh im so crazy hope hope raaa raa MAN SHUT YO ASS UP

angie yonaga: annoying cause all she does is talk abt religion so i just imagine her as a facebook mom
gonta gokuhara: i dont like how he speaks but otherwise hes fine
himiko yumeno: so annoying So annoying so annoying holy hell
k1-b0: who cares abt this guy hes just a whole robot
kaito momota: i think this was supposed to be the well written character but it failed
kaede akamatsu: i dont understand why ppl like her
kirumi tojo: the only character i like besides peko
kokichi oma: i Hate this guy i wanna rip his limbs off
korekiyi shinguji: this guy kins yuzu
maki harukawa: another character i think was supposed to be written well but came off as a worse kiyoko
miu iruma: ig shes hot but shes perverted as shit for seemingly no reason
rantaro amami: why hes just a green uwu sof boy
ryoma hoshi: emo edgy boi!!! no one likes him tho
shuichi saihara: theres so many emo sad sof boys in this game wtf
tenko chabashira: literally just an annoying man hater.
tsumugi shirogane: this character is so. stupid.
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Comments (7)

Not the korekiyo slander-
im sorry it was an incest joke i actually kinda like him 😭😭
17 days ago
17 days ago
NOOOO kdjnkjdf korekiyo shinguji yuzu kin πŸ˜žπŸ˜”πŸ˜Ÿ
17 days ago
ur so right except Makoto got better and got more personality in dr3 future arc also you forgot that mf nagito!
HOW COULD I FORGET NAGITO and i was just talking abt in the single game
yah I forgot to add that Ik you meant just in game
17 days ago
17 days ago
17 days ago
i agree 100% with all of this
17 days ago