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okay so ive been gone like for ever and I know it was a break ive been busy with everything from cheer to basketball but anywho enough of that I am going to post music for you all that I find some what amazing hopefully yall do to
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How To Make A What To Do About Your Crush Quiz
I have seen so many quizzes about what too do about your crush and it doesnt seem like they know how too really do it and its just in my opinnoin so dont get your panties in a twist
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Hey I am back from vacation you know SUMMER!!! it was great I am back in school and I thought why not write some poems hehehe letz get started
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this is just the poems I wanted to post but never had the time too so imma try to type them today hope you all like
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now IK this has some mess spelled words but really IDC Its just a poem OKAY sooo here I go
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Hehe this is someting I made up its just what it is and thats that IDK what to put on here okay den
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Imma Just type somthing
I know I spelt it wrong but I really dont care Imma about to just type something maybe a song yea thats what imma do make up a song probly wont make sence but who cares not me
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Dariy of me -a simple girl-
It's something I came up with I am trying too post stuff so hope u all likes it hopefully I can get the pic up lolz
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Fighting part 3
hehehe i am making this peom in to a story its a good thing to its gonna be a good story the other parts have been post lolzzzz
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this is for the people who posted on my last story of lyrics hope you like if u want me to put another song of lyrics on here tell me
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hope u enjoy just music that i like hope u do have a nice day too- looking
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I Dont
these r the things i dont do but i wonder why -just a peom nothing more- sit back and relax
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un and aroud
its just something i made up post comment please sit back and relax and read my dearst people who r readin have a nice day
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Just a song r too
im just putting down lyrics of songs that i love so enjoy - HAVE A NICE DAY-
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Fly away
its a song i made up i know it might not make sence and if you dont like it its okay and post comments a rate please hope u all like it if not it okay just listen to the song
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Sprit of the Wolf (1)
its just the introdution of my new story i hope u all like it sorry for any spellling erros it just im ruing out of time to type it down hope u like it and the names of the people r from one of my fav books DarkVision u should ...
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they dont see
i dont know why i wrote this peom just wanted to post something and quizzes r not easy to come up with but i will post one sooner r later
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i read a book and my fav people ended up together so this is for them yaaa hope u like it enjoy its a peom like always
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i was in the libary looking for a book and i couldnt find it so i decdie to write about it hope you like it even though it may seem boring i think you will like it
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its for a friend who fav anmial is a wovle howl at the moon if you dare lol i would if it was the full moon lol
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