Fighting part 3

Fighting part 3

hehehe i am making this peom in to a story its a good thing to its gonna be a good story the other parts have been post lolzzzz

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Chapter 1.


As his warmth rush through me I realize this is war not a game not a reuion

So how have u been he says
I've had better days i say
well after the war it will get better I promise lilly bug he says
Stopp it dont call me lilly bug u already know I dont like that I say
I know that is why I say it He says in a giggle
Then why u say it then I say
Well it brings memories back He says
Oh does it now well then what about I say
Lilly bug dont say it dont do that He says
Oooo nooo imma say it my friend I say

Before she had the chane the intercom came on it said get ready to a ttack we have arrived to our destination

GET GEARED NOWWWW!!!!!!!!!!  said the genearl - her friend-
Okay lets get this started she says

he looks her in the eye and say

be safe my friend we will talk more after the battle
she says Im not that important as u and u be safe to my friend and yes we will
He says u r more important my friend
Tooo be contuied.....
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Comments (2)

Very creative and very unique!!
on April 05, 2013
Well I'll stick to writing poems l lolzz: P
on March 19, 2013