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Kyle 2: Getting away from Darkness.
After Kyle's mother dies and his dad loses his job, he moves in with his grandmother and goes to a whole new school.
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Kyle was a great kid with a good heart but then his mom dies and his dad loses his job and he doesn't know what to do.
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My 2014 Year
2014 had its up and downs, but for the most part it was okay. It includes my longtime friend moving to Tennessee, me joining the Indianapolis children's choir, Etc. So I hope you Enjoy ! And to let you know I don't have good g...
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My life (8)
This story is about my life, my hobbies and stuff. Hope you enjoy it. Please comment when you are done.
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the modern world (1)
This story is about how the world is today. Gay marriage, abortion, Christians, all that stuff so read this story. This is based on how the world is today this is not a true story.
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you guys are probaly wondering why im like this?
in this story it shows why i have passion for my faith. the devil has truly come on earth. i mean think about it gay marriage abortion etc. i just don't think this world understands. so read my story and find out.
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