Kyle 2: Getting away from Darkness.

After Kyle's mother dies and his dad loses his job, he moves in with his grandmother and goes to a whole new school.

published on March 12, 20158 reads 5 readers 2 not completed
Chapter 1.

Kyle moves in.

"Hey kyle and lucy!" "Hey grandma." I'm so glad you moved in." You can eat anything you would like." "Thanks grandma for trying to cheer us up." "Do you miss any of you're friends?" "Yes and I really miss nick." "It's okay sweetie I'm sure you will see him again." "So what's for dinner?" "Anything you would like." "PAPA JOHNS!!!!" "Okay sweetie."

30 minutes later.

"Grandma pizza man is here." "Hello." "Here are you're pizzas ma'am." "Thank you." "That will be thirty dollars and twenty five cents." "That's pretty expensive." "I guess I have to pay it." (Walks in living room to eat) "grandma." "Yes lucy." "I miss mommy." "I miss her too sweetie, lets just hope she's in heaven with god."  "Grandma". "Yes kyle". "I miss dad." "Well let's hope he finds a new job." "Well it's bedtime." "But it's only 8:00". "On school night this is you're bedtime." "What????" "Yes now don't argue with me about it,.okay?" "Yes grandma."
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This is nice,have you publish next one?
Not yet
on March 12, 2015
on March 12, 2015