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Sapphire Blue
Sapphire: Wisdom. Purity. Those where the two words Safira Night has to live off her entire life. Opal: Confidence. Faithfulness. Faith has acted like this her entire life, and she can't afford to change now. Garnet: Safety. S...
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~My mini rants~
Here i'll rant about a bunch of stuff I don't like... I hope you enjoy reading!
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Qfeast Gazette
This is the Qfeast Gazette! I will try to add new issues as soon as possible! Hear about the latest, Qfeasters, Fandoms, Pages, Stories and much more!
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I've reached 300 followers! OMG!!! Thank you to all my AMAZING jewels (what I call my followers) You are ALL so so so AMAZING!
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The Matchmaker
Lindsay started her 9th grade year as a regular student, but then she starts a blog that helps people in her school find their true match, but she has a secret... She has never been in a relationship.
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Capitol Games 2
MockingJayDistrict asked me to write a Capitol Games based off her Capitol Games story, so here it is: Capitol Games 2
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Every five years one child from each family 10-18 is chosen because of their abilities and Amethyst Brite is one of these. She must find out what element she controls and survive the Element Testing.
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