This profile will be filled with only scary stories, and quizzes, including Creepypasta's, Ghosts, and more. My name is Jayden, I am a Creepypasta. Do not question me by how innocent See More▼
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I almost died.
A story containing all the times I have almost died. If you wish to add a near death experience, do so in the comments, I will be sure to add it, and give you full credit.
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I'm writing a story, but I'm having trouble picking a title.
It's about a girl, (Who i'm naming Amanda) Who moves into a new house, and discovers that it was once an insane asylum. The asylum name was The High Hills Asylum. Amanda starts seeing things, like a message carved into the wall...
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Chapter four.
I wake up to a black and white face peering at me. I scream. The face laughs and backs up. Clockwork shoots up, knife in hand.
When she sees the guy, she sighs. "Jack, you asshole. Leave her alone." Clockwork says. Oh! I recognize him! That's LJ.
He laughs and leaves. "Sorry about him. He's a jerk." Clockwork says. I yawn, and stretch my arms. "Well, I'm up now." I say, laughing.
"You can get up if you want, but I'm going back to sleep."Clockwork says, laying down. I throw my feet over the...
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Have you ever had a paranormal experiance? And if so, what was it?
Tell me if you ever were faced by a paranormal being, or if strange, unexplained things happen to you. State all of your experience's, including rituals, such as one man hide and seek, and The Staircase Ritual. See my story "Cr...
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Creepypasta Rituals
This is a bunch of Creepypasta Rituals you can perform, such as One Man Hide and Seek, and The Staircase Ritual. These rituals are EXTREMELY dangerous! Play at your own risk. If you have a suggestion, say so in the comments. En...
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Scary stories.
Scary stories. The first one is the SCARIEST STORY EVER! Hee hee hee! Ha ha ha!
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True "Scary" Stories
I decided to write down a few of my experiences similar to those that people seem to find scary on the internet.
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on September 22
One more OC!

A 9 year old girl named Lindsey walked around her new school, searching for her classroom. She came to school late, so she missed orientation. She didn’t know where her class was. She passed some older kids leaning against a wall. They laughed when they saw her. “Hey kid! Where ya goin? Stay with us for a bit!” That somehow cracked them up. She stayed calm. “No thank you. I would prefer to stay in my age range.” That made them mad. One girl walked up to her, and backed her again...
on May 26
Another OC!

Julia was 12, and was constantly bullied. One day, she was walking home, and a group of bullies formed a circle around her. They sneered at her, and shoved her around. She snapped. Her sanity snapped. From being beaten at home to being bullied, she had enough. Her eye twitches as she picks up a piece of glass up off the floor, and chucked it at the nearest person. It hit him square in the neck. Everyone screamed, and tried to run, but she was too fast. She grabbed multiple pieces...
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A family moved into a new house. But little did they know that years ago, a 7 year old little girl by the name of Lucy Walker froze to death on the property.
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Which creepypasta is scariest? (1)
+ 8 more
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Creepypasta Origins.
Jeff the Killer, Jane the Killer, Eyeless Jack, Laughing Jack, Sally, Clockwork, Ticci Toby, And more. I do take suggestions, and if you have any OCs, tell me in the comments. Enjoy! I do not own any of these pasta's, unless I ...
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Kidnapped by the Creepypasta's.
12 year old Lindsey Smith is expecting a boring weekend in the woods with her family when they go camping. What she wasn’t expecting was being kidnapped by two men, and taken to the headquarters of the “Creepypastas.” Now, they...
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How well do you know creepypasta?
This is my first quiz, btw, and I hope you like it. So, in this quiz, I will ask you questions about creepypasta, and I will see how well you know it. That's technically all in the title, really, so I don't know why I really ha...
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