Kidnapped by the Creepypasta's.

12 year old Lindsey Smith is expecting a boring weekend in the woods with her family when they go camping. What she wasn’t expecting was being kidnapped by two men, and taken to the headquarters of the “Creepypastas.” Now, they expect her to join them, and kill innocent people. For fun. She doesn't have a choice, so she excepts. Now, she is a cold blooded killer. This is her story. Her story as a creepypasta.

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Chapter 1.

Chapter one.

        I walk down the steep hill, that leads to the shore. When I reach the water, I kick off my flip flops, and lower my right foot into the water. I quickly pull my foot out, startled by the sudden cold. I set my flip flops on a rock, then hoist myself up, the hot rock burning the bottoms of my feet. I quickly jump off of the rock, and into the freezing water. I hit the water, and sink to the bottom. I look up, (Over time, I had mastered swimming with my eyes open.) and push off, my destination being the top of the water.

        Suddenly, I feel something grab my foot. Startled, I look down, and see that my foot was wrapped in seaweed. I panic, knowing that my air was depleting. I pull desperately on the slimy weed that has taken over my foot. I free myself, and swim up to the surface. As I descended closer to the surface, I saw a tall, slender figure, standing right where I had jumped. I burst above the water, and  search for the tall figure. I look toward the woods, and just see a tall figure disappear through the trees. I quickly run to my tent, and change into a blue tank top, and blue jean shorts, slip on my tennis shoes, and brush my long, brown hair.

        A photograph catches my eye, sitting in the top of my bag. I pick it up, and smile. On the photograph is my family. My mom is in the middle, her long, blonde hair braided to the side, her bright blue eyes sparkle in the sunlight, the big, blue lake behind complements her eyes, making them look brighter than they really are. To her left, is my 10 year old sister, Brittany, who highly resembles my mom, though her long, blonde hair is up in a high pony, and her eyes are more icy blue, the lake making her eyes stand out, like two bright crystals in a mud puddle. Dressed in her favorite blue sundress, she looked like she could be a model, if she were older, at least. Then, there's me, on my moms right. I kept my long, brown hair down, and yes, I know, we all have long hair, we're growing it out. The lake doesn't do anything to my light, brown eyes. I resemble my dad, who died 3 years ago, when I was 10. I'm 13 now.

        I stuff the picture into my pocket, and run out to the woods.

        "Lindsey!" I hear my mom call. I turn around, and squint into the light.

        "What?" I yell back to her.

        She unzips up her tent, and yells back: "Be back before dinner!"

        I nod, and run back into the woods. I start looking around for the tall figure, because I'm a thrill seeker.

        As I approach a big oak tree, I hear the crunch of leaves and twigs under a thick, heavy boot.
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Aww, thanks! I'm working on it. You're so sweet! Btw, I answered one of your questions from creepypasta rituals, and I'm working on the rest
Btw, I just updated story, and I changed it a lot, because it was dumb before. Try it, and tell me how you like it!
on September 26, 2016
on September 25, 2016
on September 25, 2016