Us Against the World. A Ticci Toby Love Story

Us Against the World. A Ticci Toby Love Story

This is a Ticci Toby love story, where Ashley and Toby meet in an asylum after she gets caught on a killing spree. They attempt to break out, freeing the other Pasta's. What will happen next? WARNING! MATURE CONTENT! You have been warned.

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Chapter 1.
Chapter 1

Chapter 1

        “Prisoner 137!” The woman calls, unlocking the gate with a key. She hands me off to another guard, along with a stack of paperwork, I snarl at the new guard, in a hope to be intimidating. He’s not impressed. Of course, I can’t do anything, I’m trapped in this darned straightjacket. I whip around, attempting to break his grip, but he is unfazed. I growl in frustration. I’m walked, or more like dragged, toward a large metal door. He puts the paperwork on the floor, and unlocks the door, pushing it open. The man undoes my straightjacket, and shoves me into the room. He grins.

        “Oi! Toby! Got company! Be a gentleman,” He calls out, a smirk on his face. He closes the door behind him, and I peer into the dark room, looking for this Toby fellow. A shuffling sound comes from the opposite wall, and a voice speaks.

        “P-Please tell me it’s a girl this t-time. I’m so sick of the g-guys. Plus, crazy girls are hot~” His voice is low and he keeps stuttering. Is he nervous? Scared? I decide to ignore the last comment and respond.

        “Yes I’m a girl,” I hear a small chuckle. “Unless I’ve somehow grown a penis without realizing it,” I say with a smirk. He laughs outright.

        “You’re funny g-girly. Why don’t you t-turn on that light over th-there so I c-can get a good look atcha~” He says, and I look around, spotting the switch. It’s all the way on the opposite wall, closer to Toby than it is to me.

        “Why don’t you turn it on? I mean, it’s so much closer to you, and I’m sooo lazy,” I say, and he chuckles.

        “Just turn the d-damn light on, I’m in a s-straightjacket.”

        I laugh. “You’re not being much of a gentleman, now are you? Hmm, I wonder what the guard would think of you being so mean to such a poor, innocent girl,” I say, and I can hear the frustration in his voice.

        “Obviously you’re not that  innocent if you ended up in a place like this,” He remarks, and I nod in agreement.

        “You’re right,” I say, standing up, heading for the switch.

        “Wait,” He says, and I pause. “Let me guess first, I want to see if I can guess what you look like.” I smile.

        “Sounds like time well spent. Let’s make it a bet. You get to guess three things about me, let’s see… Hair color, eye color, and let’s go with age. If you get 2 out of 3 right, you get something, and if you don’t, I  get something,” I say, and wait for his response.

        “Alright, but I will get what I want at any time I choose, and you can’t refuse.”

“Same here,” I say. “Alright, guess.”

        “Hmm, well, you sound b-badass, and I think b-blondes are badass, so, let’s go with blonde. And, hmm, m-maybe, I don’t know, g-green eyes. And based on your voice and your humor l-level, I would guess that you’re… m-maybe, 16, no, 17. 17,” He finishes. I sigh, and walk over to the light switch, flipping it. The room is flooded with light, and I see a boy in the corner, in a white straight jacket. He’s quite tan, except around his eyes, and from under his nose down to below his mouth. Huh. That’s an interesting tan line. There’s a huge gash in his cheek, and I can see his teeth through it. He has brown hair, that falls over into his eyes, and doesn’t look like it’s been washed in quite some time. My eyes widen.

        Damn it, he’s cute.

        His eyes rake over my body, studying my face. He smirks, and I sigh in defeat.

        “Hmm, b-blonde hair. Got that one right. Blue eyes…” He looks at me, frowning. “Nope. Not green. And how old are you n-now?” I sigh.

        “I’m 17,” I say, and he smiles.

        “Well then, d-darling. Looks like I win.”

        “Yeah yeah,” I say. “What do you want?”

        “You’ll see,” He says, and I roll my eyes.

        “Well aren’t you quite the mystery,” I remark, crossing the room to sit across from him. I wrap my arms around my knees, and bring them to my chest. “So what’s your story?” I ask. He raises an eyebrow. “I mean, how’d you end up in this shithole?” He laughs.

        “Uh, well… I was born with T-Tourettes, and CIP, that’s Congenital Insensitivity to P-Pain, I can’t feel pain. I also get little t-tics, spasms, twitches, that sort of thing. Tourettes has also affected my speech, that’s why I st-stutter,” I nod, to show that I’m still listening. “And, well, my sister d-died in a car crash, her name was Lyra, and at th-that point, I wasn’t really myself, my sister was my everything, my father was abusive, b-both towards me and my mother. One night, I heard a l-lot of yelling, and I went d-down, and saw that m-my, uh, m-my father had k-killed my mom. So I kinda went berserk, and k-killed him, burning down the whole house with him in it. A-all the c-cops thought I had burned with the house, but they were wrong. They c-caught me a year later, but not before I k-killed over 100 people,” He giggles at that. “I’ve been here for 8 damned months.”

        “Sounds like you had some good fun. Damn, I wish I could’ve gotten away with that many killings,” I pout, crossing my arms. He laughs.

        “S-so, what d-did you  do?” He asks, and I sigh.

        “Well, it was about a month ago…” I think back to that day.

        “School had just ended, and I was so excited for summer. I went home after school that day, and did my normal stuff, listening to music, singing along, that kinda stuff. It was around 7 at night that I decided to go out for a walk. It was dark, and my mom said to be back by 9 and not to talk to strangers, and all that overprotective shit. I disregarded it and walked off. I played music in my ears, and didn’t notice that someone was following me. I was grabbed and pulled into an alley. I guess with my headphones in, I never heard him sneaking up on me. I struggled with all my might, but he pinned me down, and called me names, he called me beautiful, and sweetheart, and all of these names that made me sick. He was at least 30 years old.”

        I turn my head away, tears forming at these memories. “H-He touched me. He kissed me. It disgusted me. Then, he… He tried to rape me. I, I snapped. I grabbed a broken beer bottle off of the ground, and shoved it into his eye. He fell down, and I ran. I ran into the woods, and didn’t look back. About a week or so later, cops came searching for me, I hadn’t gone home, and my parents were worried something had happened to me. I, I didn’t want to go back. I killed the cops with a knife, there were only two of them. I kept killing, it just came so naturally, until they caught me, it was just yesterday. I was able to kill one of the cops that came after me, but the others pinned me down, handcuffing me.” I laugh. “I guess I wasn’t strong enough. So, now I’m here,” I finish, and Toby looks at me with pity in his eyes.

        “Oh sweetheart, I’m sorry that had to happen to you,” He says, and I wave him off.

        “It’s fine, it was in the past,” I brush it off.

        He clears his throat.

        “Not to be p-pushy, but would you mind helping out a fellow m-maniac? This jacket’s not very comfy.” He asks.

        “Why of course,” I reply, leaning in closer. I fumble with the straps, turning them this way and that, until they finally come loose, and the jacket slips off of him. Toby flexes his arms, and groans.

        “G-God it feels good to stretch my arms again, I c-can’t remember the last time they took me out of this st-straight jacket,” He sighs, standing up, arms above his head. He looks down at me, and an unreadable expression crosses his face. Then, he smirks, reaching out to grab me, pulling me to my feet. I yelp in surprise. He presses me up against the wall, pinning me with his body. He leans into my ear, whispering in a voice so sexy it sends chills up my spine. “Did I ever tell you how incredibly h-hot I think you are?” He purrs in my ear, voice like silk. He backs his head up a bit, studying my face again. His smirk is enough to turn my legs to jelly.

        I put on a smirk of my own, grabbing a handful of his sweater, pulling him closer until there’s hardly any distance separating us at all. “Did I ever tell you I thought the same about you?” I say, my eyes trailing down to his lips. He notices. A low growl escapes his lips as they collide with mine. I gasp, his lips are incredibly soft, softer than I thought. He violently bites my lip, as I lace my fingers into his hair, tugging on it. He pulls away.

        “Don’t p-pull my hair, it makes me lose myself,” He growls, and I retract my hands, putting them by my side.

        “You n-never told me your name,” He breathes, and I collect my thoughts, licking my soon to be bruised lips.

        “My- My names Ashley,” I say breathlessly. He repeats my name, smiling.

        “Well, A-Ashley, how about we g-get outta here?” He suggests, and I frown, pushing him away.

        “What are you talking about?” I ask, skeptical.

        “What I mean is… I know some p-people, and I know they can help us ou-out.”

        “Who?” I scoff, and he grins.

        “You’ll see,” He says. “Oh yeah, remember that th-thing you have to do, for losing the b-bet?” He asks, and I nod slowly. “You’re helping me and my friends b-bust out.”

         I cross my arms. “What friends?” He laughs.

        “What, you d-don’t think I have f-friends?” I shake my head, and he laughs again. “Let’s ju-just say some of them are c-crazier than me,” He replies, and I smirk.

        “Sounds like fun. Alright, I’m in.”
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AAAHH! what happens next!!!
This is such a good story you have to do a another chapter.
Ahh thank you so much- i actually dont use this website anymore but you can follow me on my Q uotev @ silentivy I don't have much published but i'm working on that But again thank you
Your welcome ^_^
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