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I want to try out for cheerleading
I want to do cheerleading when I get into high school, but I don't know. Are cheerleaders in real life like the ones in movies, are they popular or bitchy, or are they nice, or does it vary?
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I feel like I'm having a little mini heart attack
So right about where my heart is I have felt this sharp pain for a day now. It hurts constantly, but if I take a deep breath, it hurts like hell. I can't move my upper body without literally crying out in pain. It started yest...
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I need boy advice ASAP!
Alright, so there's this guy in my class, right? And we're both in 8th grade. I really like him, but I'm afraid to ask him out because half a year ago, I asked him, and he said he wasn't ready to get into a relationship at the ...
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I'm writing a story, but I'm having trouble picking a title.
It's about a girl, (Who i'm naming Amanda) Who moves into a new house, and discovers that it was once an insane asylum. The asylum name was The High Hills Asylum. Amanda starts seeing things, like a message carved into the wall...
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Have you ever had a paranormal experiance? And if so, what was it?
Tell me if you ever were faced by a paranormal being, or if strange, unexplained things happen to you. State all of your experience's, including rituals, such as one man hide and seek, and The Staircase Ritual. See my story "Cr...
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