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Clawdacat published 13 stories
The Eldest Daughter
When a oracle tells the lynx overlord of the forest, Opekun, that his eldest daughter will kill him, he sends his henchmen to kill her, but the henchmen couldn’t bring himself to do it, and didn’t kill the kit, just left it in ...
4 reads 4 readers 2 by Clawdacat
LionSlash (book 1) Roar Of A King
Nidju has lived her entire life in her pride, but one day she, A cub she never gave a second glance to, her two best friends, and her two sworn enemies get washed down a river into unknown lands, but they are cubs, thrown into ...
3 reads 3 readers 0 by Clawdacat
Clawstar's moon (book 6) Evening Dawn
Chaos breaks out and fights begin, war is beginning and strange alliances form. A new kit is found, a new story begins, a new clan...and something lurking in the shadows...
25 reads 6 readers 2 by Clawdacat
Clawstar's moon (book 5) Duskrise
It has been a moon since Emberstar was exiled, Clawstorm and the other Riverclan cats are struggling to survive in starvation, Thornstar makes a choice between Nightfury and Lionmane, Bloodstripe is acting strange, Wrenfeather ...
24 reads 4 readers 10 by Clawdacat
Moon Of Heart (book 1) Darkness fills
The two lands, Evermore and Dragonsear, are always fighting, hatred burns between them. And life is hard. Constant battles of the predatory animals of the two lands. But they must come together to defeat an unknown sickness... ...
19 reads 5 readers 2 by Clawdacat
Warriorcats dares
Post in the comments below what you dare a warrior cat to do, pls no sexual, dirty, or anything inappropriate. Say what warriorcats you dare and what you dare them to do! I'll write what happens when they do the dare! You will ...
66 reads 12 readers 36 by Clawdacat
Clawstar's moon (book 4) Hidden Revealed
Clawstorm thought life was going well, until the mysterious dead body of the Riverclan deputy Rainwhisker gets found... Clawstorm finds out things she never knew before, things that will change her life forever, while the proph...
38 reads 5 readers 14 by Clawdacat
Clawstar's Moon (book 3) light reaches
Clawstorm has met a new warrior, Bloodstripe, and an enemy is hidden in the shadows... will Clawstorm survive to see another day with leaf-bare and a enemy on her tail? Meanwhile, Wrenpaw struggles with her love for Shrillpaw a...
42 reads 8 readers 3 by Clawdacat
Life of a abandoned cat
Rick, a tortoiseshell tomcat, has a great life within his human's household, that is, until they get tired of him. Thrown out into the wild streets of a busy town, Rick encounters dangers he never would have dreamt of, will a c...
13 reads 3 readers 9 by Clawdacat
School of the supernatural (book 1)
Alexandra is a 11 year old vampire/witch ready to take anything, she is to go to sakaro, the school of supernatural beings, something's hunting her down... she teams up with Amelia, Tianna, and Brianne in this wild tale of the ...
32 reads 11 readers 3 by Clawdacat
Clawstar's moon (book 2) Darkness falls
It has been moons since Claw became an apprentice, she is Clawstorm now, a proud warrior of Riverclan, but someone is trying to kill her, she doesn't know who, her relationship grows with Nightfang and Troutshadow, Thornstrike ...
52 reads 6 readers 7 by Clawdacat
Warriorcats name generator
Ever wondered what your warriorcats name will be? Not anymore! Answer truthfully, have fun!
98 reads 10 readers 26 by Clawdacat
Clawstar's Moon (book 1) The new life
~this story takes place after the current era in the books~ Claw has always been a rogue, until she meets the clans, and everything changes, thrown into a world of battles, bloodshed, and hurt, will she find a way to survive?
72 reads 11 readers 17 by Clawdacat