The Eldest Daughter

The Eldest Daughter

When a oracle tells the lynx overlord of the forest, Opekun, that his eldest daughter will kill him, he sends his henchmen to kill her, but the henchmen couldn’t bring himself to do it, and didn’t kill the kit, just left it in the snow. Found by another lynx and taken in, The eldest daughter, Glaze, along with the help of her two friends, Prism and Nuk, have to escape the odds and survive the snows and the Opekun. (This story is not finished. Please wait for more chapters. Feel free to add your character in the comments. Character submit there)

published on December 26, 20174 reads 4 readers 2 not completed
Chapter 1.


Glaze(Glae-s)—dark grey female lynx with shimmering white marking, pretty blue eyes, sleek fur

Prism(Pri-zim)—light grey female lynx with reddish and white markings, faint back spots, emerald green eyes, ragged and torn fur, a few scars

Nuk(NOOk)—grey male lynx with white markings and faint black spots, fiery amber eyes, scar across his muzzle

Opekun(Ope-Koon)—large reddish grey male lynx with cold icy blue eyes and a scar running from his mouth, down his back, and to his tail tip

Raven(raven)—almost black female Lynx with a white markings on her chest, one eye gouged out, remaining eye a dark brown

Jet(jet)—light grey female lynx with faint black spots and light green eyes

Luv(loove)—dark grey male lynx with light brown eyes, faint black spots, and reddish markings

Okrana(Okera-na)—light grey female lynx with soft amber eyes and faint black spots.

The Oracle(the Ora-kel)—black female wolf with dazzling blue eyes, two goose feathers stuck through her right ear

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