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Butterfly Kisses [Zelink Friendship]
Some great things don't always go as planned; Sometimes, things happen. But Zelda refuses to let life spoil her day with Link. (Zelda, Link, Friendship. Prior to game)
19 reads 16 readers 3 by breann.west.5
My weird fantastic world
Hi I am Callie and I won't to make a love story about Tom and Alex I ship them more then her friends soo this is going to be like a fanfiction to me :3
78 reads 8 readers 12 by Holy_Jesus
Fnaf songs!
This will be filled with all my favorite fnaf songs and possibly a few of others who like fnaf so enjoy!
86 reads 30 readers 6 by Rarely
Cursed by Death
16-year-old Callista Fox is content with her life. She has a nice house, a loving family, and it's autumn - her favorite time of year. But one day, something happens. It's only the beginning of a long chain of deaths. Callista ...
51 reads 11 readers 4 by GalacticBiRavenclaw