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Because indigo is indigo and indigo is indigo. And every one loves indigo.
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Role-Playing with Friends
So one of my friends and I role-play alot. And he swears to Ra that he'll make animations of them. But right now he's really lazy on writing them down. So I'm writing them down here. A warning, it will contain characters from a...
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Fun Facts of BlueTurkey
This will be about things of myself. Some may contain things offensive to some. So just a warning.
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I don't even know... I made this story in 5th grade.... Don't judge... I was 10... About dogs I guess...
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Rants About Things
So yea, I'll be ranting here... Thought it would be appropriate to make a book full of my rants so you can read them all. *DISCLAIMER* These are all my opinions. These rants will contain OFFENSIVE comments. If you are SENSITIVE...
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