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Is this creepy? (1)
I have a guy friend that I text 24/7. He used to live in my area, but then moved. We're still in contact with eachother. Our parents know eachother and the best guy friend. We decide to go on a family event of all of us to Spla...
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What are your thoughts on people with unnatural hair durning a dance recital?
I go to a small dance school that does dance "for fun". So there's no competition. I am currently in the Jr High classes. The dance teacher uses the highschool class for advertisement, (like putting their dance photo in the new...
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What is a "real" anime?
So a guy I know, claims that Dragonball Z, Fullmetal Alchemist, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Hetalia, etc aren't real animes. He claims anime's like Corpse Party are "real" anime. Isn't the definition of anime a cartoon made in Japan and by the ...
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Is there an occupation for studying religions?
I was wondering, because I know there's other occupations for studying things too. I'm really fascinated by the different cultures and religions out there. I Googled it and got nothing. So do any of you guys know?
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Can you get ink poisoning from drawing on your skin with pen?
I was wondering cuz one of my friends say you can from your skin absorbing the ink. Which if it did, then wouldn't not be able to come off? I swear it's safe just as long as you don't ingest it.
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What are good songs to play at 8th grade graduation?
So, at 8th grade graduation, there's a slideshow of the 8th graders. I was put in charge or the music playing. I'm having a difficult time finding songs. All I have planned is "If I Could Write a Letter to Me" by Brad Paisley (...
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What are your thoughts on subjects unnecessary for life forced to be taught?
When I mean "subjects mandatory", I mean such as Algebra, some of Science, etc. when we could be forced to learn more important things such as human rights, and the laws of the country you live with, or how to get a job, etc. A...
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What's wrong with my iPod charger?
Alright. I have an iPod 5. I go to charge my iPod, and it starts flickering of charging and uncharging. I use a case from i-BLASON. I use a brick for it. I have tried unplugging and plugging it back in. Taking off the case and ...
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What are Pros and Cons of Southern US Homes?
I'm doing research on Southern United States homes for a classwork assignment. I unfortunately haven't found alot. I was wondering if you could tell me features of Southern United States homes. Such as what the flooring's commo...
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Would you join?
Alright, so what I want to do is create a story about a private rich school, where celebrities children go. And I want just like the Qfeast Academy, for there to be actual users in it. But here's the catch, you AREN'T a celebri...
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Do You Have Animal Crossing: New Leaf {AC:NL}?
I was wondering because I'm bored and would like to play AC:NL with someone. And all my other friends that do play it aren't online right now. :3
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Is Rasplaying Allowed Again?
I've seen users rasplay on here like for a month on here now. And don't recall anything happening to them rasplaying. So is it allowed again?
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Some of my friends are making plans without me, and not including me. Does that mean something?
My friends and I are all now on different teams and they all have at least a friend from that "group" that we had last year, while I'm alone without friends from the group. They've started making plans without me. And don't inv...
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Is "My Little Pony" From Japan?
I'm just wondering, not trying to troll or anything. I've just heard people call it an anime. It can have an anime style, but it can't be anime unless it's from Japan. Once again, I'm not trying to troll or anything, I'm just w...
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