I don't even know... I made this story in 5th grade.... Don't judge... I was 10... About dogs I guess...

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Chapter 1.
The Beginning

The Beginning

There once was a dog named Crystal who had a friend named Kittie. They both lived in New York, New York. They both were mixed unknown breeds. Crystal never knew why Kitties name was 'Kittie' even though she was a dog.

        Crystal was outside all alone, so she walked up to the side walk. Then Crystal found Kittie. “Hey Kittie,” Crystal said to Kittie “ what do you want to do today?”
        “Umm... (how about... how about...hmm...)-”
        “What did you say?”
        “Oh nothing, I was just thinking.”
        “About what?”
        “Umm... the dog park!”
        “Yeah, sure! Totally, lets go!”
        “Sure! I found a short cut, too!”

        Crystal loved the dog park, that is were Kittie and Crystal first met as little puppy's. Also that is the only place with grass in New York city.
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Comments (1)

Nice story for a ten year old.(not saying your ten NOW) some of it I didn't understand, though.
on October 09, 2016