Role-Playing with Friends

Role-Playing with Friends

So one of my friends and I role-play alot. And he swears to Ra that he'll make animations of them. But right now he's really lazy on writing them down. So I'm writing them down here. A warning, it will contain characters from anime's and video games, will contain gore and swearing. And yes, in these rp's I pull shit out of my ass. Also, they're pretty weird and random but he likes them for some reason. XD

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Chapter 1.

On a rampage

        It all started off as a peaceful day when I went to find my friend Legend. I race over to glomp him in a way of greeting him. After glomping him, Pandaren peels me off of him seeming over protective.
        In response, I pull out a knife and stab Pandaren, making him release me. Doomsday then grabs me to stop me from stabbing Pandaren anymore. I then go and attempt to stab Doomsday. But the attempt failed because the knife broke from it being stabbed on his hard skin. I then start squirming, but that fails also. I eventually pull out a flamethrower and burn his skin making him release me.
        After I jump out of his arms I find Greninja putting me in a hold with his tongue-scarf. Quickly, I burn Greninja and put Legend in a head-lock with a knife about to cut off his head. I then shout, "Give me 20 gallons of pasta or I'll cut off his head!" Everyone fell silent. A few moments later, I find my knife a Pokémon plush and Legend gone. I then look around to find him next to Greninja. I then throw the plush at Greninja, but with the distance between us, the plush falls mid-air. I then ninja-vanish to Legend with a gun and shout "If I can't have him! Then no one can!" as I shoot him in the temple of his head.
        Everyone then fell silent. Greninja went over to stab me with a knife, attempting to dodge, he hits me with his knife in my leg. Enough to draw blood. I then ninja-vaninsh to Amestirist, leaving a trail of blood (somehow).
        Worgen fallows my blood trail. After about a mile after crossing the Amestrist border, Worgen gets captured by Alchemists.

                                                                That's where we ended.
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