Diary of a 4th Grader

Lana Johnson, 4th grader, just moved to town and already hates school. She has to overcome challenges, such as a cheating bully, an annoying girl, and a really loud classmate. Will she do it? There will be sequels to this (all the way up to 7th grade). (Got the idea from bluesister908)

published on May 22, 201582 reads 14 readers 0 not completed
Chapter 1.

So Nervous

Dear Diary,

School starts tomorrow. I am so nervous. Dana's excited to start 6th grade. She says 4th grade is for babies. I told her to shut up. I went to my room.
We just moved here and I have no friends. Who could ever like me, anyway? I'm just a baby. Well, that's what Dana says, anyway. I don't like her at all. Diary, can you do something to make me friends? Please? I wish you were a real person. You'd be my friend. You know all my secrets.
I don't know anyone in my new school. Mom told me my teacher is named Mrs. Anderson. I hope she'll let me write in class. What if she's mean? What if she hates me?
Diary, please make all my worries go away.

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