The Critter Hunt

Yay, I wrote something. It's based on a predator that I heard was in my yard, and it ate 2 of my ducks. ;-;

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Chapter 1.


It was a cold Sunday night and all of the Creepypastas were in the mansion asleep. Suddenly....
A sharp scratching sound at the door. Sally crawled out of bed at the sound, and walked to the door. She saw Grinny Cat and Smile Dog huddled against the wall. Grinny' s ears were flat and Smile' s tail tucked far between his legs. They had heard it, too.
Sally trudged to Jeff's room, holding her teddy bear close to her. "Jeffy, wake up! Jeffy?" Jeff sat up, raven hair a mess and wearing pajamas. "What is it, Sally?" He asked  his words in somewhat of a tired slur. Sally whispered, "There was scratching at the door." Jeff rolled his eyes. "Probably just the clawed Glitch child trying to pull a prank. Nothing big. I'll check on the errors. BREE'll be trying to muffle laughter." But when Jeff looked into the room, BREE and BEN were asleep, sprAwled out under the covers.

"Hm, Jeff said. She must've gone back to bed." He than went to wake the errors. "Error children, wake up." BREE Sat up. However, BEN just stayed there. The female error smirked. Instead of doing what a normal person would do and try to shake BEN awake, BREE used the perverted method. "We can do this the easy way... or the hard way...", Bree said, her eyes glowing in the inky darkness. Then, she put her hands inside of BEN's nightshirt and started feeling around. BEN woke up to the feeling of her cold hands inside of his clothes. Soon, both of them were a laughing mess on the bed. After BREE and BEN finally stopped with the  laughing and panting, Sally told them about the scratching. BREE promptly walked to the door and opened it, gardening inspecting the scratches carefully. "It couldn't have been me." She said. Jeff shook his head. The last time you said that was when Silver's Unowns mysteriously turned pink. And you had pink paint all over you!" BREE extended her claws. "Sed, only 3 claws. There are four scratches, and they are spaced farther apart than mine." Jeff nodded. "Something else must've done it. Maybe we should go investigate... BREE put her themed jacket on. Sally and BEN went into their rooms and put their clothes on. In a few minutes, the group was outside looking for the critter.

The errors walked around one side of the mansion, while Jeff and Sally searched the front yard. No footprints or hair tufts. Eventually, Jeff and Sally went back inside. They were too tired to pay any attention to the loud screams echoing from the back yard...
I hope you enjoyed the beginning of the one shot! I'll publish the rest later. Bye!!
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Who's Sally?
on November 22, 2015