Things To Do To Anger Me

Part of my "Things To Do" series! This story is basically about things you can do or say to make me MAD.

published on February 04, 201623 reads 22 readers 2 not completed

Things That Anger Me

1. Use incorrect grammar, capitalization, punctuation, or spelling.

2. Say an incorrect fact that you should have known by now.

3. Try to convince me to believe in 'god.' I will never do that. PM me if you're wondering why, and I'll tell you while trying not to argue or be mean.

4. Try to convince me that there is no such thing as global warming. Believe me, there is. It's happening, whether you like it or not. If you don't agree, check out the MULTIPLE professional government and scientific websites that say it exists. Many studies have shown that it's real.

5. Try to convince me that Donald Trump is good. He isn't. See my post on my wall if you don't believe me.

6. Try to convince me that hunting is good or ethical. It's not. You're murdering innocent creatures in cold blood. If you think that's 'perfectly okay,' if you think it's fine to snuff out the life of a beautiful living creature, if you think animals are inferior compared to humans, then... I can't talk to you because I will probably be steaming, hopping mad. So PM me if you want to know more, and then I'll be calm enough to respectfully explain why hunting is immoral.

7. Rave about how "delicious" meat is in front of me, chew your meat loudly in front of me, or rub your meat in my face (literally and figuratively) . I'm a vegetarian. Like it or not, you CAN survive without meat (because protein is in other foods, and also meat is more likely to carry diseases and such) but you CANNOT survive without vegetables (which leads me to the next number) .

8. Tell me that it's wrong to kill vegetables and plants for food. Even if there is a species that can feel pain, I don't eat that one. Plus, as I said before: if we stopped eating vegetables, we would DIE.

9. Tell me that it's okay to chop down trees or entire forests. Despite what I said in the last number, I actually don't think it's right to kill ALL plants. Cutting down trees/forests leaves an ugly stump, first of all, and it takes away animal habitats, and the tree/forest HAD been producing oxygen, which, you know, we kind of need to survive. Plus, you didn't NEED to chop down the tree/forest. I know that housing and all that are "excuses" for some, but can't we use land that's not covered in trees? And people don't need houses as big as they are. Use less wood per house by making houses smaller, if just a little bit, and conserve the wood so you don't need to chop down as many oxygen-producing animal habitats. Remember this, too: By getting wood for human houses, you're destroying animal houses.
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Comments (2)

I can tell that we have a few things in common.
on July 20, 2017
I understand this logic! Although I am more of a meat lover, I can't help vegetables.
Also- although we have the cabability to eat meat, we have done it for years- it's instinct, and not everyone can fight it. Just saying- not trying to make you eat meat or anything, or tell you being vegetarian is wrong, just saying.
on February 04, 2016