Glitchy BREE

Glitchy BREE

I rewrote it again, this time adding more details. I have a better backstory and I have made Dante a bit more cruel.

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Chapter 1.

Ch. 1

I thought of myself as an error in the game of life. I was unwanted, unneeded, and broken. I knew that everyone else at my school thought so, too. No one seemed to care about me, and the teachers tended to forget my grades, as if I wasn't there. And then there was Dante. He was the worst of all. Today was no different...
    What's wrong with older games? "Why does it have to be some kind of fancy building game or shooting game?" Dante looked at me. His near black eyes pierced me like daggers. Then, I was thrown into the wall. I stool up, but was immediately taken down again by Dante' s foot. To my surprise, Dante started rummaging through my bookbag. He turned my phone on. "Five Nights at Freddys?" Who plays that!?-" he yelled. Then, he took something else out. "Hey! That's mine!" I protested. It was a compass. The most dangerous math weapon, other than math itself.
    The sharp point broke through my skin as Dante preceded to stab my arm with the compass. He seemed to push harder with every stab. I loaded for him to stop, but he didn't, not until the first bell rang. I had to get to math!
  At the end of the day, I began to walk home. I stared at the stab wounds on my arm and recalled the pain I was in.  Immediately after arriving home, I went into my room to read some Creepypasta.
   The next day as Saturday. I finally got a break from that hellhole of School and that asshole, Dante. I decided to get up early and walk to the small pond. I got out of bed and I began walking, no shoes or socks. When I got there,  I couldn't believe my eyes; Dante was there! And he was carrying lead weights on chains! I thought for a second; Maybe I should just stay. So I did. Dante found out that I was there and then it happened.
   He chained me to the weights, and pushed me into the pond. The water seemed to absorb me. I knew I had to breathe, but I couldn't. Finally, I drowned...
   But I came back. I was in a different world. There were numbers and the whole place seemed futuristic. Wait. Was I in Cyberspace?
   The answer; Yes. I ran into something after running on a path for a while. A screen. I could see what was on the other side. A boy's room. I must be inside of a computer monitor! But how can I escape? Not knowing what to do, I clenched my fists. I was shocked. Three, long, metal blades extruded from my hands. I eventually figured out the claws, and felt heat on my hands. Fire? It turned out that I was now a digital firebender.How was this possible!?! I touched the screen again. This time, I came through. Eventually escaping the trap, I walked into the room. There was a boy, shorter that me on the bed. His eyes were black with red pupils, and his hair was blonde. He looked just like... BEN Drowned?!?
   Then the boy spoke; Woah! Another me! I looked at him, confused. Then, I enabled my claws and used them as a makeshift mirror. I looked the same as before, but with black eyes and red pupils. I was surprised at this. Than it hit me; I was destined to kill. Why else would I be in the Slender Mansion!?!
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