Forever Nightmares

Forever Nightmares

Its 1987 and Nicoletta and Emmy were Normal twins, or so they thought. A new pizzeria opened up and there dad Mike went to work there, What could go wrong?

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Chapter 2.

Dreaded Night

I closed my eyes and forced myself to sleep.i finally dropped off to sleep... I watched in awe as fire dancers spun flawless across the stage. Then a magician came out and, all I saw was blood splashed across the stage. As metal creatures walked out I recognised that dreadful song "we're waiting every night to finally roam and invite " the song spun endlessly for what seemed hours.
I awoke puffed like I had run a hundred miles. "Sister?" Emmy whispered to me "what?" I whispered back "did, did you have a nightmare too?" "Yeah.." I replied "let's just try to sleep.." My voice trailed off. Finally I dropped off back to sleep...
"Let's eat" I heard a high pitched voice in my head as I cowered in a corner. I felt the pain in my head as a metal Chicken walked towards me. "You're just a child, it's not my fault you flew into this rage" she sung darkly as she replaced my party dress with purple (cover image). I stood up all I saw was black and grey everywhere.

Emmy's POV
I awoke to Nicky breathing heavily. All I could remember was a dreaded song from the nightmare. "Stalking hallways getting closer" it played over and over in my head until I looked at the time 12:00...
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Omg. Epic!
on October 01, 2016
on October 01, 2016