Cana: The Last Battle

I wrote another chicken story XD. I just really like chickens for some reason, heh :3

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Chapter 1.


Cana, a silver penciled hen perched upon a branch in the old maple tree, reading a spell book very quietly under her breath.  "A hero's blood, battlefield dust, and the tears of a goddess..." She turned the page. When combined, these items can create a ghost of one who's fallen.

Suddenly, a new face appeared by her side. Cana looked up from her book, confused. "Who are you?" The hen inquired. "I am Sonata Stamenovic of the Stamenovic Dynasty." Sonata was a fairly short cockrel and appeared to be  lemon blue, but this was uncertain as his aqua hoodie covered his back. Cana's eyes widened. "Y-You're Ameauracana?" She was stunned. "Ameauracanas are considered to be like gods!" Sonata nodded shyly. "Yes, I am an Ameauracana. But I just want to be a war hero." Cana suddenly ripped a feather out of Sonata's wing. "What the-Ow!!" Sonata complained, as a drop of blood spread onto his feathers. Cana took a look at the blood. "Hm, I don't know what runs through your blood, but it isn't from the main royal dynasty. There was a silence as Cana felt something prick her neck. As if new feathers were growing there. Sonata looked at her. Cana now had tufts, a main characteristic of the ameauracana breed. "Looks like I'm not the only.Ameauracana here." Cana gasped. I'm an ameauracana?! Wait. I have heard that only two ameauracana dynasties exist. The Stamenovics and the Rosenburgh! Wait a second... my last name is Rosenburgh! If you are not a royal and you are a Stamenovic does this mean... wait?! I'm a goddess!? Suddenly, Cana's twin sister landed on the branch and sighed. "Yes. We are goddesses. As you are a silver penciled hen, you are a light goddess and I, a jet black night goddess." Cana was again shocked by her sister's words. Night goddess... Night goddesses were part demon! Just then, Eclipse' s feathered wings became demon wings. Eclipse soared away.

Three years later, it was Cana's time to take the throne. Eclipse had not been seen since the day her wings sprouted. A line  of chickens, a dark Bramah, a wAcky looking hybrid and another ameauracana strutted in the room. Wait. Cana remembered Sonata, her childhood friend! She waved, and he called out to her, "Oh fair goddess of light, we are your chosen three! Prophesied to defeat your greatest enemy and keep the kingdom in perfect balance and a state of Nirvana" Cana didn't understand a word he said. She just called back to him, "What!? I didn't pay attention." Sonata, who didn't want to repeat his medieval sounding speech just numbered something that sounded like "Excuse me Princess" and told her that the group would protect the kingdom.

After Cana was crowned goddess, the  kingdom remained in a state of Nirvana. Until one chaotic day, when the wind was howling, a mysterious army of dark knights tried to conquer the kingdom. Princess Cana sent her chosen three to fight. Sonata, who now wielded a sword, led the other two chickens into battle. The fought a long hard battle against the dark knights and finally emerged victorious. That peaceful state was restored until the last battle took place. Cana's evil sister, Eclipse had sent another army to conquer the kingdom, even larger than before. When Sonata heard of the war, he decided to go into battle, this time alone. He insisted that the kingdom couldn't risk losing more than one chosen warrior. This time, however he made a mistake...
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