Life on the double

Life on the double

Three girls and a boy are hunted by evil. Now as the second part of this trilogy three endings will be written based on comments. If you like adventure than you better read this story!

published on February 13, 201322 reads 12 readers 4 completed
Chapter 1.


I am lily, me and my friends are hunters. Not for food, or sport, but for treasures. I found one. My friend Erin found the queens crown and the wizards wand. My sister Kristina found a ring belonging to one of the fairy gods( btw fairy gods are not cute little flying things in dresses , they kill)
  When Ireland found the idol to keep her alive after a sever battle wound she used it to give her life. Sometimes now she turns into a ghost. We got the idol from saten and now he try's to kill us. His group of others, the nameless souls that didn't fully die before going down, appear at the oddest of times.
   I found a idol when I killed the giants( btw, giants are oddly small. About the size of a large dog.) the idol I found was the kings heart.
Battle aftermath:
After gouging out the kings heart I ran to my sister. She lay in Ireland's arms.
  " what happened to her?" I shout in a nearly accusatory voice.
  " one of the others came and took her out. Her life is low. I cannot help her." She begins to sob.
  I pick Kristina up.
" lily what are you doing? She is bound to die." More sobs.
Not if I can help it, I thought. Running to the forest, I kneel by a tree.
" my god, the trees of old, please my sister is dying I need you to help her. I forfeit this idol as an offering. Please."
I don't remember the last time I made an offering.
  "Lily, Kristina is moving!" My best friend tells me in a barley audible voice.
I know that the fairies will kill me for this, but now I don't care.
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Comments (4)

Okay, so here is a serious ending and an awesome ending:
1)(the more morbid one)
Your sister decides that she doesn't want you to suffer and that she will accept death if the fairies let you live.
2) (the awesome one)
A wild, carnivorous unicorn rampages into your prison, destroys everything except you, and then you ride away into the sunset. The end.
on March 31, 2013
You should make a one dee series. But I love this one. You're soooooo creative. Make more.
on March 06, 2013
Wow cool.
I dunno how I want it to end.. :P
on February 24, 2013
Post a comment if you want it to end you way. I will consider all and make two versions in two different chapters. Awaiting posts!
on February 13, 2013