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Ally's page of awesome
This is for my friend ally, as a thank you and hello. Ally doesn't need haters, so if all you want to do is hate, GO AWAY.
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Some of my songs
These are just some of my songs I wrote about my friends and life, anyone can post anything, but unique songs by you are preferred. Thanks.
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If you are different
If you are odd and wierd then come here. Tell us how different you are. Do people accept you? Are you crazy and nuts? Do you like pie?
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Sewing, knitting, and crafts for all people!
If you like to sew, knit, braid, or cook then this is the page for you! Add any crafts you want to teach how to make become a member and add it!
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Lol cats
If you like lol cats then become a member! Can I has cheeseburger? I love lol!
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Country music
If you like/love country music become a member. Members will post third favorite songs and artists. Have fun!
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