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iMessage games?
I'm looking for friends from qfeast and other sites to iMessage me. Don't tell other people your contact stuffs, if you want to play I game with me, and I want to play games and chat with everyone on this site. Make a chat and ...
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Can anyone tell me what ' bad wolf' means????
Hint: think Rose Tyler and doctor who.
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favorite Disney guy?
Mine is tarzan. Or maybe Shang...
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Does anyone read hyperbole and a half?
I love Allie brosh. I find her super awesome. This will make you pee your pants. Really. Spiders are fricking scary.
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When does the narwhale bacon?
This is for redditors. I'm catesonskates, add me. *~~~~~~~~~~~*
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Any song ideas? I need to write some.
I write songs and post them on some of my songs page. I'm looking for ideas and want to write. Please be descriptive and able to correct me if you don't like it.
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I want to talk to someone on Skype, but how do I know they are who they say they are?
I want to talk to a 11 year old girl. Like me, but I don't know anyone with Skype my age. If you are 11 and female, comment your Skype name, please!
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Has anyone ever noticed that & kinda looks like someone dragging their butt on the ground.
It does. Did you notice that? &&&&&&&&&&&& &
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Is your homework hard?
Rate 1-10, please give the class and if you like the teacher.
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Superman facts from the 1900s
I'm doing a project in School and I need facts about superman for a timeline. When you answer please try to put dates with it. :)
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Is my fish healthy? Will he die?
My fish is old and has ripped fins, should I take him to the doctor just because he won't eat?he is a koi and cost about 1,500 bucks. This koi was my moms and is about 120 years old. My grandma breeded him. I have other, young...
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