Jack Talks Episode Two

Jack Talks Episode Two

This is the second episode of the talk show. Bare with me that changes will be made as it goes on so enjoy.

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Jack: Hello, this is "Jack Talks". I am your host, Jack Lee. With me is my co-host, Anthony.
Me: Last time, we interviewed the most beautiful woman in the world. Tonight we interview a very deadly woman. From Ztv News, please welcome Zone-Tan.
Zone-Tan comes out and sits on the couch.
Me: Welcome Zone-Tan.
Zone-Tan: This better not be a waist of time. I have a show of my own to run.
Jack: I'll ask the first question... What are your hobbies?
Zone: I love to insult my Ztv News announcer. He is such a zit tit motherf*****.
Me: Do people ever have nightmares about you?
Zone: Alot of people do. I feel bad for their poor pothetic souls.
Jack: Do you enjoy the spotlight?
Zone: What kind of a question is that? You are a dumbass.
Me: Do you enjoy scaring the hell out of people?
Zone: Im starting to like you better. Yes, I love it very much.
Jack: How many people are afraid of you?
Zone: So many i cant count.
Me: How do you feel about stupid people?
Zone: I want to cut their tounges out and hang them with them.
Jack: Are you scared of anything?
Zone: Your health is about to leave.
Me: This will be the last question... How did you feel about the first episode of this show? Compared to Ztv News?
Zone: That question isnt bad. It did not have as much as i expected to it. It was really cool that you had your friend as the first guest though. Ztv had a few guests but they all pissed me off. I hate the host. You, Anthony, are alright. You havent pissed me off so youre ok.
Me: Thank you for your time.
Zone stands up and disappears into a cloud of dark smoke. The Show goes off the air.
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Comments (5)

This is... interesting hahaha that girl was weird tho LOL
on June 13, 2013
on May 10, 2013
you can interview me
on April 26, 2013
0-0 Creepy lady
on April 26, 2013
I like it =) lol
on April 26, 2013