if your friend/partner has head lice what would you do?

just asking cause my sister does. What would you do if someone you are close to has lice. would you stop seeing them or hate them for that?

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U shouldn't stop being their friend over that and start ignoring them that's just rude and petty imo. Just don't get too close. They should understand that they have lice and u don't want it too so they shouldn't get hurt. Be nice about it and don't go telling everyone about it bc that's a way to get ppl to bully others. Ur friend needs a treatment and a lice comb to get the dead stufd out. It'll take some time to get rid of it all
on June 09
rosemary repel urself UNLESS YOU ALREADY HAVE IT
make sure she uses a TREATMENT to get rid of it. a lot of people try to use rosemary repel products to get rid of lice but it doesn’t kill them, it’s literally just to keep them away. if she doesn’t use something meant to kill them they’re just gonna keep coming back
also make sure she washes all of her bedding and stuffed animals and stuff
on June 08
i had lice three times, my bestest friend had lice once, and my old friend had lice a LOT
basically just dont cuddle and youll be okay
on June 08