Is this a good poem?

I want to smoke my lungs black,
Pack after pack..
I want to drag a razor across my main vain,
And watch the blood poor down the drain..
I want to jump off a clif,
And tell the world I tripped.
I want to 'fall' out of a movingly car,
And crash into the tar..
I want to put a gun to my head,
And pull the trigger and be dead
Don't you think these thoughts are crewel?!
Exactly stop saying depression is beautiful!

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Answers (3)

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Great rhymes, But are you ok, it seems like you are suicidal? or depressed, if you are please talk to me, i shall try to help
on August 12
It is good... but it's also very worrying. Are you okay?
on August 12
I thought the poem was great, but if you're actually considering taking your life, please don't. We, the comment section, are worried.
on August 22