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Meme page (2)
This is a page about memes, it's going to have very funny memes some of which may be slightly dark humor.
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Self Harm Group
This is a page I created for anyone who does self harm, or needs someone to talk to! If you ever feel depressed, or worthless I'm here for you to cheer you up! if you are trying to quit cutting or doing anything else like that ...
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Come all his children
This is a page for christans or anyone to come and talk about God if you have any questions about God or are depressed we will be here for you or just message me... Don't be afraid to ask questions
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this is afun page were you can post riddles and see who can solve them so enjoy :D
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this is a page for people who are random like me :D so if you sre random or like randomness add pics and join this page you can also post funny stuff
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