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Kitten_Snowflakes and Chris_Aftonsadboi's wedding
Ah yes, wedding to bring a couple closer together. Have a happy marriage Kitten_Snowflakes and Chris_Aftonsadboi
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Qfeast drama theatre
Any plays are allowed, but we have to make it. A parody xD welcome to place of fun & cringey Skits,short plays ,dramas.
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Broadway fans
A Broadway page for any theater fan! Whether you want to talk about new musicals like Hamilton or Heathers, or talk about classics like Les Mis or Phantom, it's allowed! Post fanart, pictures, reviews, links, and so on!
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Wtf bill cipher photos
Funny, weird, and/or just plain stupid pictures of yours truly. Or if you just wanna hang out and talk. This is the place!
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The Thespian Society
If you're into the theatre arts or drama or even the tech and/ or writing, come here! We can give tips on the arts to each other or just chat about awesome plays we've seen!
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The Movie Talk
I clicked only members can write posts on this page but it might not work. Anyhow, talk about Frozen, Wreck-it-Ralph 2, (yes, it's coming) and more! All at The Movie Talk. When you send a membership request tell us your favorit...
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This is a little page I made about ME. However we have a few rules to put down before we can all be friends. Rule #1: No boys. (Unless their cute) RULE # 2: No alcohol ( unless there's enough to go around) Rule #3 : N...
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the worlds greatest poetry in africa
how you as a teenager can start poetry of your own all you need is determination
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Ally's page of awesome
This is for my friend ally, as a thank you and hello. Ally doesn't need haters, so if all you want to do is hate, GO AWAY.
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