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Not Sure Images
Are you unable to determine if an image is cursed or blessed? This page finally comes in to finish the trilogy and cover the middle ground!
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The Mayor's Office! (The City Of Qfeast!)
The Mayor of the City! Only One Person can be Mayor! Try running for Mayor and if so, Hire a body guard! The People of Qfeast will help you be the best Mayor Yet!
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thumbs up or down...
you post things that say ___thumbs up or___down. so this is a friendy page never start drama on this page. or post rude things. i really would like the Qfeast ppl to like this page. so yeah this is a really cool page to go to. ...
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Qfeast Monthly Page
This is the page for Qfeast Monthly reporters! If you are a reporter for Qfeast Monthly, come to this page to discuss stories for October! Subscribers can get sneak peeks at some of the stories that will be in Qfeast Monthly Oc...
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Colors Readers Club (CRC)
For anybody who reads and likes 'Colors' that is Flipz's book. I'm the main character!
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Qfeast Recruiters
For somebody to join Qfeast they have to know about it right? How did you get here? Did somebody tell you? Spread the news! P.s. if you tell 1 person and he/she join you get a shout-out, if you tell 5 people and they come you g...
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Character Creator
Need characters for your story? Then come here to the Character Creator! Original characters are put as soon as possible! I will post some to start.
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