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DARE ME ANYTHING(Andrea,justin,kiana,colton,breanna,trevor,gavin
hey, guys it mia, from mia's blog,dare me and my boyfriend colton anything,dare andrea and justin anything or dare kiana anything,or dare, gavin, and trevor anything
0 subscribers 1 member by EllieVampire_The_vampirehumanlover
Mind-Blowing Page!
Ever seen or heard of things that seem so real but yet highly impossible? Well if you have you may comment plus post pictures of anything that will really blow your mind videos are also allowed so I hope you enjoy.
12 subscribers 1 member by ChocolerryPOP
Shoutout to ships.
Think of a Qfeaster ship and post them here. (Don't post rude comments please)
12 subscribers 1 member by Taki_the_Manokit
Markiplier memes
Awesome Markipler memes! There will be no cursing or bullying. Thank you for your cooperation.
18 subscribers 1 member by MysteriousLiarBoy
Sword art online fan club
This is just a page where u can upload pics of Sao. Cuz it's my fave tv show
14 subscribers 1 member by savage.k
For Smile HD watchers
This page is for yal peep that have seen the YouTube video called "Smile HD." Yal can post any pics of this video, and if yal want yal can even send the link! XD
4 subscribers 3 members by Taki_the_Manokit
markiplier fan page
If you love markipler than come join and we can praise him because we love him for his videos
7 subscribers 1 member by Snakeninja
Cryaotic Fangirls.
I just really.wanted to make Cry a page because he is such an amazing person. He deserves as.many subscribers as Pewdiepie,.and just as many fan girls. Post pictures, links to videos, and your thoughts on Cry here :)
6 subscribers 1 member by breann.west.5
In Honor of Christopher Lee
Chirstopher Lee, an incredibly talented actor, has recently passed away. This page is commemorated to him.
7 subscribers 1 member by Adderstar
beautiful places page
you can give you beautiful pictures of your own country..may be you will like it
9 subscribers 3 members by kindperson
My point of view on...
Got a point of view on something? Jot it down here and explain why. Please be considerate of other's opinions. Though all opinions are accepted here, it is asked that you stay away from the subject of religion, abortion, and ho...
8 subscribers 1 member by BlueTurkey
Qfeaster quotes
Have a qfeaster you know who says something way more then often? Post it here!
28 subscribers 1 member by Your_Average_Fangirl
Hetalia fan page!
This is for hetalia fans! You can post songs,tributes,feelings and even roleplay! Though to rp you need to post a picture of your character unless it's truly impossible for you to do so. Here's the form. Name: Age: Flag: Allies...
11 subscribers 3 members by Your_Average_Fangirl
The Fangirl Page
So I realized this after i posted a would I date you quiz.. but a lot of my followers are girls.. So I made this page where fan girls can sit around talking about stuff
6 subscribers 1 member by personguything
We Know They Care
This is the page where we can show everyone that we know our idols care about us. ?
5 subscribers 2 members by swageyamatobiyolo
highlights of 2014!
tell your special highlights on 2014! why its so special for you! and which big things happened with u this year, i mean on 2014!
9 subscribers 1 member by jafrin
Sonic fans <3
Hi there! This is a page only for Sonic fans! So if you know WHO is Sonic and you like him... You can post here now! <3
21 subscribers 3 members by Milea
share circle
Have something about yourself you want to get off your chest but scared to be judged? Share it here! No one will judge you or will be against you. :)
6 subscribers 2 members by Your_Average_Fangirl

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Pokemon Trainers carnival!
join the pokemon Trainers carnival! its like a party! o join this carnival, all pokemon trainers submit here! name, age, gender, pokemon, personality, backstory, like, dislike. after filling up u must need to post cloth appeara...
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funny moments...
share your funny moment with us and have fun! like, what makes u funny or ur funny moments in real life.
0 subscribers 1 member by jafrin