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The Platinum League of Lords of Qfeast(PLLQ)
This is the place where all PLLQ's gather to form the P L A T I N U M W E E D League of Lords. This is the kingdom in which they all dwell. Radrak, Swiss Sandwich Guy, Gilbert, and Jim and Hungry. All their versions are present...
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IDK ANYMORE KILL MEH PLEASE CHILDREN i am called toby for sum reason my real name is sophie toba rodgersyeah i twitch and stutter i am bi polar i have sumthing on the autism spectrum idk why i was born dis way i can barely feel...
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Brambleclaw/star hatin page
why is he deputy i dont understand he is evil and evil and EVIL EVIL I SAY
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of Bridge.over.Kwai. River or what stupid name she has
Ok. Anyone who hates her, post something here. Roasts, mean jokes, anything.
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Do whatever it dont matter to me. Unless it's illegal in which case, OMG is that the police *grabs phone punches in three numbers* operator: 420 wach ya smokin?
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Describe A Character in Three Words
Basically what the title says— Describe them in 3 words and people guess who they are. Have fun ig
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confidence and compliments!~
This is a little place where you can come whenever you feel insecure. Do whatever you'd like to build others' confidence up, get help building your confidence-- Do as you wish, really. It's alright to upload pictures of yoursel...
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drawing requests?
please. I so bored.. I gonna dieee. let me do something... SOMETHING BESIDES A DESCRIPTION!
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Teenager post
Whenever I find a really funny teenager post u can put it on here or whatever u want...
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Plez step if your alright with yourself
Be you i was not me soo anyone can join this page no matter what ok your okay
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If your sad and need to talk about it then this page is "Sadness page"'where you can talk about your sadness.
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Did You Know?
This is a page for facts about yourself! Share some facts, see some facts. If you knew that fact about someone, thumbs up it! If not, thumbs down it! Or leave it alone!
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katy perry , famous singer,fans club join if u r a katy fan ;3. Updated weekly. i am a big fan of katy.. wau?
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Marcus Dibble Fan page
post up anything about Marcus Dibble, from memes to links anything is welcome.
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everything voltron!
im a super fan of voltron oml its awesome join the voltron pack ppl im telling you your gonna love it i promise
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Reasons To Smile
This is a page I made based off of a video Thomas Sanders made. It's a page where you can post positive and encouraging posts towards people who are feeling down, or to everyone in general. I wish there to be no negativity of a...
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Tell two lies and one truth
Welcome to the Two lies and one truth page. Just tell at least two lies and one truth about yourself then see if others can guess which are the lies so have fun.
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Animal Photobombs
Oh dear lordy this is going to be interesting. But anyways have fun, post your pics and have a laugh, and even just chat and socialise with each other in the glorious laughter and fun in this land of animal photojackings
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Attractive Fictional Characters
Yeah, I just felt like doing this. Post pictures of your favorite fictional characters and stuff. If you want, you can do claims (I claim Link) but no fighting. K
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Best Friends Day!
Welcome friends big and small! Come celebrate Best Friends irl or online make post on how much you care about each other! Well have fun!
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