Songs by Qfeasters

Write a song, type it down here! if you have a YouTube account with the song on it, you can post the link. Anyone can write anything they want to, and no h8rs, either, pls! No one will make fun of anybody's work if I have anything to say about it. Have fun and Sing on!

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Bad Time (Genocide Sans song)

So you came here to kill me? Well ain't that funny. Let's KILL some time. Cuz' one step more...
...And you're gonna have a bad time.
(cool Megalomania remix)
You killed my brother, unforgivable
You killed my friends, you're despicable
We could have been good, good friends See More▼
on November 17, 2016
Rise up ( A Song I made for my book Ready For Action )

We been Denied [ deniiiiiied ]
But we don't miiiiiiiiiind, No leap we don't take
We've been running for miles upon miles not stopping once
We rise up to the Challenge,Rise up to the fight

Don't stop for nothing See More▼
on October 18, 2016
Love and Die (a Five Nights at Keisha's song)

I sit here dreaming about my life
-I'm dead inside no place to hide your soul is mine-
Stuck on a stage letting out my silent strife
-I'll haunt your dreams not what it seems coming apart at the seams-
I stand here singing my Siren's Song
-my soul's an empty hole my life's not whole losing control- See More▼
on October 18, 2016
on October 18, 2016