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Songs when ur alone
when uyour all alone with no one to hold on too or love too then hear sad songs
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music memes bc i have way too many
okay a lot o green day bowie and slipknot others will be thrown in too
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Home of the songs that get stuck in your head
Plz post songs that get stuck in your head here. I want to know them lol
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Me singing
i just want to be an actress/singer when i grow up and i thought this might help...
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Finish the lyrics (2)
I'm bored and love music so i combined them and made this so ya 😊😅😒
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My Favorite Songs (1)
A page for my favorite songs. Idk what else to say, uh, good day to you?
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My Music Page
Want to find some good tunes? want to know what I listen to? well here you go. these links go to youtube, or most of them do. I might even sing on here! ENJOY
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Your Voice Clips!
Post your voice recordings here! If you like to sing, record it and share it with us on here!
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Funky music of the day
Most music today is depressing, so why don't we funk it up a little! >:D No need for negativity!!
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All time favorites, recommendations... You know, all that jazz. Post what you like.
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Twice Fangroup
This is the fangroup for all the Twice fans on Qfeast! btw if you don't know.. Twice is a kpop group :3 very nice music!
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The catchiest theme song
What theme song is always stuck in your freaking head?!?!? Heh heh heh. Heheheh. That picture tho.
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Song Of The Week
Every week in my bio I will put a song of the week I will also put last week's song of the week Help me decide which song to choose each week! Thank you!
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Your life theme song
Here you post a song that describes you perfectly, you can post multiple songs, but a song that describes your life, have fun!
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Songs by Qfeasters
Write a song, type it down here! if you have a YouTube account with the song on it, you can post the link. Anyone can write anything they want to, and no h8rs, either, pls! No one will make fun of anybody's work if I have anyth...
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Parodies That You Made Up
I'm sure we all have made up a parody for a least one line of a song. Here, you can share your parodies, whether it's one line, or an entire song! Remember: It MUST BE YOURS! No stealing others!
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Behind The Blind
Have you ever wonder what a song meant. Like you listen to a song a you just don't know what the heck it means? Well here post any song you don't understand and I will gladly tell you what it means or stands for or whats the po...
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Princess (3)
Hi,I'm a great friend.We be turned up in my house like BISH WHET BISH WHET. OHH YEA IM NEW here.
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Post your favorite songs!
What's your favorite songs? Post the lyrics to them here! Just, read all the lyrics and stuff like that... And you can find some songs you might like that you've never heard of! Just, you can post videos of you song or stuff li...
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the song page
You can post any song here exept no nasty songs please! Hope you enjoy!
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