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Letter for the groomer lovers
Really, I've been wanting to write this for a while, so yeah. If you aren't an groomer lover, you can read this as well. (THE PHOTO IS RANDOM!)
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the story (1)
this is the only story on qfeast if you dont think so ur just wrong sorry
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bio naluysis on esteler wife
disnis another bio analysis on da best girl i kno :p but they bio has a depr meaning
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bio analysis
shortly after catboy released their story, yuzu changed their bio. im going to analyze the new bio
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somg abt estella
this is a blink 182 song in prettybsure and they wrote it from the point of view of damier
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the qfeast creepypasta
yuzu and kiara DNI with this story. this is the story abt how yuzu and kiara accidentally wound up in the qfeast world and... find out whats next! (note: i cut out ryan and 2 duplicate accs)
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esteller x damier
this is a story about when esteller and damier go to get ice ceem and wacky things happen
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where ya' queen went
so you might wonder why i decided to leave again. i dIDNT HAHA. well have ze explanation uwu
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my old second grade stories
yeah yeah yeah is second grade i was a shitpost so i guess that stayed. i wrote stories also yeahyeahyeah.
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Song (1)
here is my s o n g because spamming is ugly and i'm making this profile so then not everyone can see it
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Nikki Forces You To Do Challenges //1//
Here are the contestants that are still competing: Tori (Dowogami_Is_In_Love) Keiona (Firey_the_human) Hyper (Firey_the_human) John (Firey_the_human) Skipper (Bl00m) Tucker (Cool_kiddo) Dee (Cool_kiddo) Kitsune (Cool_kiddo) Ro...
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Life of Nikki :Creepypasta:
So I decided to make a creepy pasta. Sorry if it doesn’t scare you. I tried at least.
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Info about my ocs
OHH this is gonna take a really long time to finish up because of my one million ocs.
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Qfeast can be mean
I'm GoNnA rIp WhOEvEr ToOk DoWn My PoLl'S hEaD oFf. Anyways... I need a way to vent about this.
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I'm not a curse
I am not a curse... I am not a curse... I EXIST... I am not a... cuuurse...
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My fan art was set to profile
This is based off of bleshou's story because QFEAST IS ROOD. I need to vent about this.
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