where ya' queen went

so you might wonder why i decided to leave again. i dIDNT HAHA. well have ze explanation uwu

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Chapter 1.

why i am ze deado

so ya queen got in a fight with bostyn because she was trying to scare off me friendos. i tOLD her that maybe she could get some friends so she isnt lonely an she FLIPPED. so then she blocked me yadayadayada and then she kept telling her mom what i did.
well n e i t h e r of us are supposed to have solish media so her mom was questioning how she was talking to me and BOOM. neither of us could go on qfeast.
i mean bostyn is on instagram now so ????????? i dont think thats a good idea @ bostyns mom. so yeah, i wont be on her v often anymoe. i might check in every once in a while to see how y'all are but i wont be on full time.
well outside of qfeast, im p okay. calebs lesso depresso, christmas is almost here, and im in ab honor roll~! im goin' to start tennis in 2019 with izzy aswell! my legs arent broken and my im a lot happier now! schools stressful tho. v stressful.
so yeah! i hope y'all were gucci without me and stay gucci! byeonara my subjects~
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